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You don't have to wait at all, but the paint should be completely dry. You don't want fibers getting stuck in the paint, particularly if it is a contrasting color. I would also be concerned about possible damage to the paint surface. The back of a new carpet is some nasty rough stuff that will strip off paint and skin faster than a grinder!

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How long should you wait after neutralizing the carpet before you add the dye the carpet?

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How long after painting wall should you wait to put up shelves?

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How long should you wait to paint after it rains with acrylic latex?

Generally, if painting on the outside wait a least 48 hours for the surface to be free of any moisture.

What to do about fleas in carpet?

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How long does it take for paint toxins to COMPLETELY dissapear after painting a bedroom and how ling should you wait before sleeping in it?

One should open the windows and air out a bedroom for 24-48 hours after painting to get rid of all of the toxins.

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because it will smear and the painting will be messed up.

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How soon can you take car to the car wash after painting?

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Can you paint your home after you washed it down?

no you need to wait until your home dries completely before painting

How soon can you close your car door after painting it?

Depends on the paint used. I would wait 24 hours.

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