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usually 3-6 months depending how long after ther shot. good luck Joymaker rn

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Q: How long does Depo-Provera take to wear offAnd when does menstruation begin after discontinuing it?
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At what stage of life does menstruation begin?


What is the time in life when a woman's menstruation ends?

There is no set age for a woman's menstruation to begin or end.

Where does menstruation start?

Menstruation can begin anywhere between the ages of 9 and 18. The average age is around 13 or 14

Why does menstruation start at the age of puberty?

because puberty starts at the age of menstruation, that is the age at which the body is developed enough to begin with the job of reproduction.

What stage during puberty will menstruation begin?

Menstruation typically begins in either late Tanner stage II or early Tanner stage III of puberty.

What does age of onset of menstruation mean?

The age of the onset of menstruation varies depending on the woman. Most women begin menstruation sometime between the ages of 9 and 13, however some women start earlier or much later.

If you break your hymen accidentally will you begin to menstruate?

No, menstruation and the status of the hymen are not related in any way.

Why does menstruation begin?

Cause the walls in your uterus are breaking, so you bleed. It means you can now get preggers.

What to take to stop period on fourth day?

You can't stop your period once it's started - although there are medications to delay menstruation or suppress menstruation, there is nothing that can stop menstruation half way through because the process has already begin.

Does ovulation begin after the last day of your menstrual cycle?

ovulation starts 14 days before menstruation

Cramping one week before period and spotting that lasted for a few hours?

That may be Premenstrual Syndrome , the symptoms that begin a week before menstruation like natures reminder that you will be starting you menstruation soon.

At what age does menstruation begin?

Anywhere between 10.5-18. It's different for everyone. The average age is around 13

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