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Every 30 days a update is done.

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Q: How long does Google maps update?
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When will Google maps update Pennsylvania?

Google Inc. Usually updates its digital maps yearly, including Google Earth and Google Maps.

How often does Google Maps update their satellite images?

Google Maps uses the same satellite data as Google Earth and updated together usually once or twice a month. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Google Both Google Earth and Google Maps are updated with bulk updates usually once or twice every month but NOT every area is updated on each update.

Is there a way to update the map on the iPhone?

if im not wrong, the maps on the iphone are streamed into the iphone using wifi/3g(internet access) from Google using their "Google Maps". so its updated if google updates their maps. thing is, is it possible to download/buy maps for the iphone so i dont have to stream google maps to use the gps?

How can you update photos at Street View?

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

What is the difference between Google Maps and Google map marker?

The difference is simple - Google maps is designed to help you find places and get directions. Google map maker is like a wiki for Google maps - it lets you edit Google maps to make the data on it more accurate. You can use Google map maker to update marker locations, trace building outlines, mark roads, etc.

Is 'Update' a city in New York State?

No, according to Google Maps, there is no town or city called Update in New York State, or anywhere else in the world.

How do you update Google Maps with a street that is newly constructed and doesn't appear in Google maps?

Google created a new Map Maker web application (that supplements Google Maps) allowing users to create and submit new roads or correct errors in existing roads. See related link below for URL or simply just search Google Map Maker.

Can you view pictures from 2007 on Google maps?

If imagery for a given area in Google Maps is older than 2007 you must wait for an update in that area.If imagery is more recent than 2007 Google Maps doesn't provide a 'historical imagery' view as Google Earth does. In that case you have to download/install Google Earth to see old/historical imagery.

How long does it take from Dubai to Antarctica?

check in a map or google maps or other types of maps

How do you update Google Maps?

In 2006 Google Maps was updated to use the same satellite image database as Google Earth. Before that Google had to update and process imagery for both Google Earth and Google Maps where the maps where often out of sync with each other. Now Google updates its central map & imagery database and the updates are made available to both Google Earth and Google Maps at once. The time between getting imagery from satellite and seeing it on Google Maps is far from real-time. Once the imagery is taken by satellite, it takes time to process the data by a commercial provider like GeoEye before it is available to Google and other customers. Google will do additional processing to convert imagery into the format and coordinate system of its internal databases. This is one reason you normally won't find any imagery younger than about 6 months. For these reasons, the Google map & imagery database is updated once or twice a month.

When did Google maps update last update?

Google map has made last imagery update on 14th may 2012. There is not any fix time or day to take Google map image but it updates within 2-4 weeks. Sometimes, it takes more time but not more than 2-3 months.

How long is the drive between Paris and Luxembourg?

About 3 hrs. 34 min. from google maps About 3 hrs. 34 min. from google maps

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