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Forever. Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

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Q: How long does HIV AIDS last in a body?
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Related questions

Can a person go from AIDS to HIV?

No. Aids isn't actually a sickness, but hiv is. You can have hiv in your body in a long time (several years) without feeling sick or anything. What the hiv viruses do is that they infect your body's immune system and cells, and "program" them to make more hiv viruses, which infect new cells. And when they reach a certain point, your body will "give up", and you'll have what we call aids. At the moment there are no kind of medication that can get rid of aids, so there's no way to go from aids to hiv.

How can you tell if you have an HIV or aids?

when you have hiv you can´t tell if you have HIV or not but when you get aids your whole body weakens and you like feel all lazy..

Where was AIDS and HIV discovered?

It was discovered in the body.

How does aids enter the body?

It doesnt,HIV the virus that causes AIDS does. Ejaculate,blood and breats milk are the way HIV can enter the body.

Can you get aids from your own sperm?

If your sperm has the HIV virus in it you are infected with the HIV virus in your entire body. AIDS is actually a collection of symptoms from damage done by the HIV virus on your body. HIV infection will always ultimately lead to AIDS. There is no cure. If you don't have AIDS, then you can't give it to yourself.

What are differences between HIV and AIDS?

HIV is the virus - AIDS is the disease. HIV causes the body's immune system to 'attack' itself. AIDS is the physical symptoms the patient experiences.

Can you get aids before HIV.?

No you can not get AIDS before HIV No you can not get AIDS before HIV

Are AIDS and HIV the same things and I mean are they similar to each other?

HIV is the virus and AIDS is the disease. You get HIV and once it starts attacking your body you get AIDS. In lucky people, they can have HIV without ever getting AIDS but sadly, this is not true for everyone.

Can you get AIDs by someone having AIDs?

You can only get HIV/AIDS by having intimate contact with someone who has the HIV virus and/or AIDS, or by a transfer of blood or other body fluid, such as a stab from a contaminated needle. AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome," which is caused by the HIV virus. See the link below for further information. It is very possible to get HIV from someone who has HIV. The only way to get HIV is from someone who has HIV or by transfer of contaminated blood. HIV is different than AIDs because HIV (the virus) causes AIDs (the condition). Sometimes a person can have HIV and never have AIDs, but it is not possible to have AIDs without HIV.

How does aids enter the human body?

if three person who are not HIV positive/AIDS have sexual relation ship with each other, any possibility of HIV/ AIds?

What are causes of aids-?

HIV is the cause of AIDS. Aids is after HIV.

Bodyparts are afftected by AIDS and HIVs?

yes body parts are affected by hiv/aids.

How long can the aids virus live outside the body?

Depending on environmental conditions, HIV can live outside the body for about 24 hours.

What disease suppresses the body's immune system?


How long does a person have HIV or AIDS?

three days

Can aids virus survive under outside temperature?

No. HIV needs a host. It does not live long, outside the body.

How do you catch an HIV?

HIV/AIDS can be acquired either through, having sex with someone who has HIV using a needle that someone who has HIV used, or from a parent via birth. YOU CAN'T GET AIDS FROM A MOSQUITO! The HIV/AIDS virus can't live outside of the human body.

What are the advantages of HIV AIDS?

There are no advantages of HIV AIDS.

Does Chris Brown have HIV or aids?

No he does not have aids or hiv.

Does actor Will Smith have HIV AIDS?


Who can get HIV AIDS?

anybody can get HIV and then move on to aids.

Do AIDS cause HIV?

No; HIV causes AIDS.

Are there vaccinations for HIV or AIDS?

There are no vaccinations for HIV or AIDS.

Does aids develop into hiv?

No HIV develops into AIDS

What is The importance of studing HIV and AIDS?

The importance of studing hiv and aids The importance of studing hiv and aids