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How long does a Broadway musical run?


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As long as it can. Producers choose to shut down there show if they aren't selling enough tickets or if they get horrible reviews. Many shows don't last more than a year, and you are considered lucky if your show lasts 3 years or more. Most don't make back the original investment.


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Legally Blonde the Musical ran on Broadway for 595 regular performances and 30 previews.

The musical Beauty and the Beast ran on Broadway from 1994 and 2007 with 5461 performances. It is Broadway's eighth longest running production in history.

Cats the musical ran on Broadway from 1982 until 2000.

Across the Universe is not on Broadway. It was a musical film with songs from the Beatles. Currently there are no plans to adapt it for a Broadway run.

CATS closed on Broadway a month shy of eighteen years and ran for 7485 performances.

The musical 'Wicked' opened on Broadway in 2003. Its success remains unabated. At this point, therefore, it's schedule is open-ended.

you can perform any musical as long as it isn't on broadway. any other musical you can license and put on.

The musical 'Wicked' opened on Broadway on October 20, 2003. The cast and the crew are located in Broadway's George Gershwin Theater. The run on Broadway is considered open-ended at this point.

The musical 'Wicked' opened on Broadway on October 20, 2003. It still is going strong there. At this point, the run is open-ended, with no end yet in sight.

"My Fair Lady" was an instant hit on Broadway in 1956 and had the longest run of any major musical theater production in history. Beginning on February 15, 1956 it ran 2,717 performances. It has been revived on Broadway three time: in 1976, 1981, and in 1993.

the Black Crook is the first musical that was on Broadway

The musical, The Titanic, opened on Broadway in 1997. The musical won approximately 5 Tony awards during its run. It also won a Tony for best musical.

You can never really determine when a Broadway show will end. How long it stays depends on its success.

The Goodspeed Opera House during its pre-Broadway run.

The Lion King has been a Broadway musical since July 8, 1997. It is based off of the 1994 Disney movie and is the highest grossing Broadway show of all time.

There is but at the same time there isn't. It is slighlty confusing but just try to understand this: When A musical first comes (If it starts on Broadway st N.Y.C) then it is a Broadway Musical. But once it goes on tour to everywhere (London,States,Canada) Then it is considered "Off-Broadway". All that means is it ONCE was on Broadway and now is touring, or is done performing for good. If it doesn't start on Broadway st N.Y.C it is just considered a "musical" and can never be a "Broadway musical" or a "Off-Broadway musical." But Broadway musicals and Off-Broadway musicals are still musicals, so it just depends on weather or not you are very picky in arts or not.

on Broadway, in a Broadway musical.

The White Christmas musical on Broadway was a very famous and well known musical during Christmas time. The White Christmas musical on Broadway was opened in 2008.

No it is not a Broadway musical it is a Disney channel movie which is really stupid by the way.

There is a musical on Broadway.

Phantom is a musical in broadway

It means a flop. A musical that does not do well. Often a "One-nighter" Basically a show that does not stay on Broadway for very long.

As of 2011, The Lion King stage musical has been running on Broadway for over 13 years.

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