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Red eared slider turtles grow to be 10-12 inches long. A healthy turtle that is fed and cared for in the right way, in the right habitat, will grow about 1/4 inch a month. They can live for about 40 years.

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Is it okay to keep baby red eared sliders with juveniles?

Just as long as they can't get a hold of the turtle, or the tank.

Will a baby red eared slider turtle swim to get air when it needs to?

yes, they can hold there breath for a long time

What is a red eared turtle?

A red eared slider turtle is a turtle that has red ears on its side and really long claws, he or she's shell is a dark green color and has a a long tail. A red eared slider turtle is a turtle that has red ears on its side and really long claws, he or she's shell is a dark green color and has a a long tail. bbgfffhftdeeesertdjkbvgddr56typij;tdfse57uvob biydcr5seivu

Why are turtles so small?

It depends what kind of turtle it is. Red eared slider turtles start out small but then grow to be close to 10 inches long.

If the painted turtle is 3 or 4 inches long is it a baby?

No, a painted baby turtle is only the size of a quarter as hatching, the size of the turtle has really no reference to size! Size if composed of age and food supply. a painted turtle is like a red eared turtle which can get up to 8-10" in size depending on the food / environment they are raised in

How long do red eared sliders grow?

When owning a pet it is important to know how long it will grow. Red Eared Slider Turtles grow for about 3-5 years depending on their habitat.

How long will it take for your red eared slider turtle to grow?

Answer 1If properly cared for by the provision of the proper environment [temperature, light, water, sun, etc.] and proper feeding, the turtle will grow as you and I, and all living things, continuously. If all is optimal, the rate of growth will be dictated and limited only by it's genetic make-up. j3h. A baby turtle in the proper habitat, and being fed the right amount regularly, will grow about 1/4 inches per month. But growth rates do vary per turtle.

Can a musk turtle and a red eared slider turtle live in the same tank?

Yes as long as they are of similar sizes and completely healthy.

What kind of baby turtle has orange on its stomache and has long claws?

The Alabama red bellied turtle is the kind of baby turtle that has orange on its stomach and has long claws.

How long can a baby red-eared slider turtle live under water?

Baby red-eared sliders... well for starters, don't worry about them drowning underwater. Just give them enough water so that their head is above the water. As long as they have some rocks on the side so that they can bask, you're good. =) Source: experience

How far can a green sea turtle grow?

A green sea turtle can grow to 5 ft long

How do you tell which red-eared slider turtle is a female and which one is a male?

For Red Eared Turtles a female has short nails and a male as long sharp nails.

Can you cut red eared slider turtles nails?

No you can not!! If your turtle has long nails that means you have a male turtle. If you cut his nails you are risking it to bleed to death and be in an excruciating pain. Long nails on your male turtle is natural and normal and is not a problem.

How long in length does a baby narwhal grow?

how long (in length) does a baby narwhal grow to be

How long can you hold a red eared slider turtle?

You can hold a red ear slider for about 10 to 15 min.

How long does a baby turtle stay with its mom?

The baby turtle doesn't even see it's mom. The parent doesn't care for it.

How big of a tank do baby red-eared slider turtles need?

A baby red-eared slider does not need a big tank. However, turtles grow fairly quickly, so, if you buy a tiny tank, you will have to buy a larger one when the turtle grows. So, to save money, you might want to just buy a large, adult-sized tank, and let the turtle grow into it. When I first got my red-eared slider (two and a half years ago), she was only a hatchling, about the size of a silver dollar (like, an inch and a half). At first, I got her a tiny tank (see the Related Link). When she grew too big for that, I got her a tank that was 12 inches long and 10 inches wide. Then she grew too big for that, so, now she lives in a tank that is 20 inches long and 12 inches wide.

How long can red-eared slider turtles live?

Wild red eared sliders live about 20 years. Red eared sliders that live in an aquarium (that has a filter and a heater) can live up to 85 years. You always need to have a light for any aquarium turtle to rest in the "sun" or your turtle will not be that happy... I have one and is eight years so Turt has a long way to go.

How long can an adult turtle grow?

It grows at least of a metre

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