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There would only be an entry on the CR if the landlord won a creditor judgment by means of a civil lawsuit against the renter. Evictions and defaulted lease/rental agreements are not placed on CR. There are several agencies which gather information about such issues however, and supply the information to landlords, rental agencies etc. when inquiries are made.

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Q: How long does a broken apartment lease stay on your credit?
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Can you get an apartment at 18?

Yes, you are an adult at 18. As long as you can afford the rent, have good credit history, and can sign the contract/lease.

When a child turns 18 do they have to be put on the rental or lease agreement?

If the lease restricts who can live in the apartment, as long as your son is listed as an occupant on the lease, he or she can continue to live in the apartment (unless the lease specifically states otherwise). If the lease does not have a restriction on occupants, your son can continue living in the apartment as well.

Can someone with a low credit score lease an apartment?

Yes as long as their income and deposit meet the landlord's requirements. Remember, every landlord is different so it depends.

If you rent an apartment in Florida and break the lease agreement then move to NJ how long will it stay on your credit report?

I believe that credit report entiries are valid for up to 7 years, but it may depend on the circumstances and just how much default was involved.

If you have broken a lease and you are then sued by the property management company and you do not show up in court. How long will it take for the judgment to appear on your credit report?

If the management company files it immediately with a credit agency, it may be hours or days.

Is it legal to put a stacked washer and dryer in an apartment?

It is legal to put a washer and dryer stacked in an apartment, as long as the manufacturer intended them to be stacked and he apartment's lease policies allow you to do so. In most apartments that are furnished, they use this method to conserve space. So legally yes, they can be but ultimately it is up to the specifications in the apartment's lease agreement.

CanI refuse to relocate if my apartment is being renovated?

As long as another apartment is being offered to you, you must move. If you do not have a singed lease, they can always make you move.

When you break a lease on an apartment how long do they have to collect?

They have forever to collect. If they don't go through the courts, they send you to collections. If you ever want to rent again or possibly purchase a house in the future. You should pay them for the rest of your lease and damages. If you don't your credit will be ruined. Plus if future landlords know you skipped on your lease agreement they won't rent to you. If you don't tell them and they run your credit it will be on your report. It stays on there several years even after you paid it.

How long does an apartment complex have to notify you of damages after your lease ends in NC. I was just notified for the first time of charges from 9 months ago?

Check the terms of the lease.

If one person decides to rent a 2 bedroom apartment for a year and is not working but is in school can they still live there as long as they have somebody paying for it?

The rental company will require you and the person who is paying your rent to sign the lease. You both will be responsible for the apartment for the duration of the lease.

Are there apartments in fort lauderdale for rent on a long term lease?

Fort Lauderdale has many apartments available but whether they are occupied or available varies. Your best option is to contact the landlord and see if an apartment is available, and how long their lease is (generally a lease runs a year at a time).

How long should a cosigner stay on the lease if they cosign for an apartment?

I cosigned for my daughter five years ago on and apartment. Mu daughter is self employed. Her boyfriend has now moved in and wants to take responsibility for the rent. Land lord will not take me off the lease. What can I do?

Can my 18 year old college student sign the lease to rent an apartment?

At the age of 18, your son can enter into any legally binding contract, including a lease for an apartment. As long as he meets the requirements of the managing company, which generally include an income requirement, credit and renter's history check. If he does not meet their requirements then, he will need a co-signer to get approved. An 18-year-old can sign the lease to rent an apartment because he or she is legally considered an adult. This is the case in most states. However, there are a few states where the minimum age to rent may be higher.

How long does it take to get approved to lease an office?

It does not take that long to get approved to lease an office space as long as you have a good steady income and your credit score is not terrible. You can go to your local broker's office and apply right there.

If you turn in your lease early will it effect your credit?

As long as you pay any early termination fees tied to your lease, and pay off your remaining payments, it will not affect your credit. However, like with any contract that involves money, if you 'run away' from the lease, it can be turned over to collection agencies, which could then harm your credit. Hope that helps!

Can you rent an apartment after you buy a car Because they pull your credit when you buy a car will that affect the ability to be qualified to rent an apartment?

Should be no problem as long as they believe you can afford to pay for the apartment.

Is vehicle leasing an option for someone with poor credit?

There are many options to lease a vehicle if you have poor credit. You can always lease the car with a cosigner, if you can find one, and so you can lease the car even with poor credit. You can also get a long term rental from a car company such as Hertz. It will be more expensive, but is an option, if you don't want to buy a car.

Can a apartment complex legally ask you to take a drug test before signing a lease?

Right now you can be legally asked to take a drug test before doing almost anything. I expect anyone who extends credit to people to do it before long.

Apartments for Rent ?

form_title= Apartments for Rent form_header= Find the apartment that best fits you. What amenities are important to you?*= _ [50] Do you want a furnished apartment?*= () Yes () No Would you like a year long lease?*= () Yes () No

If you rent an apartment at 17 in Florida and break the lease agreement can it be placed on your credit report and how long does it stay on report?

A seventeen year old would not be allowed to rent an apt. even with a cosigner. If they did so by claiming to be of legal age, it would be considered a fraudulent act and the debt could be deemed valid. The possiblity of a bad credit report is not relevant.

How long is the lease on a BMW?

The length of the lease of any vehicle depends on your choice, and your credit score, as well as where you are leasing it from. Typically BMW seem to be leased out on 27 or 34 month periods.

How is the credit worthiness determined and measured in a company?

I would like to know how to evaluate the credit worthiness of a company. I am a commercial and investment real estate broker. Many companie are now wanting to sell a property and offering a long term lease in return. I need to be able to evaluate the company to ascertain if they can honor that long term lease commitment.

What does a lease rent mean?

The terms lease or rent refer to paying for a piece of property (such as a house, apartment, or car) that someone else owns. The payments you make allow you to use that property for an allotted period of time. The term lease can also refer to the agreement made regarding how much will be payed for how long.

what happens if you want to move from where you just got an apt/?

The first thing would be to check the terms of your lease. It should clearly state how long the lease is for, what the penalties for getting out of the lease area and if you can sublet. Your options are pretty much just that. If you're lease ends soon or is month to month, give your notice and move when the lease is up. If not, check to see if there is a penalty to terminating your lease early. Sometimes it may be more beneficial to pay the penalty and get out of the lease than sticking it out. Your last option is subletting. This is when you sign another lease between someone who wants to stay in your apartment while it is still under your name. The policies for subletting vary by apartments so check with your landlord if you are unsure. Make sure that you have a formal agreement with the person staying in your apartment, because if they do something you are liable. You can always check with the landlord/apartment complex to see if there are other people wanting a unit. If so, they may let you out

You signed a lease with an apartment that states no pets you now notice many tenants have birds as pets your 11 month child may be ill because of this Can you break and get your deposit back?

no you might not be able to break the lease because i tried to do that once when i had problems with my apartment and if you do you have to pay the rent for the months you made the lease for its expensive trust me i had to pay a 4 month lease witch was $3200.00 !!!!!!!!! so im sorry to say this but if u want to pay $3200.00 go ahead i would recommend u to just stay there for as long as u did ur lease for? sorry about that

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