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I don't know but you might want to check out the following site:

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Q: How long does a car dealership have to pay off the financing on a trade in?
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Can dealership back out of signed contract once approved financing and drove the car off lot?

after approved financing and signed contract, have had car 8 days, can a dealership take car back?

Is it legal for a dealership to sell a car to someone with only a permit?

it is legal as long as they meet the financing requirements and insurance requirements of the financing. paying cash you bet.

How long is a car dealership required to keep a trade in?

There is no such requirement. They can sell it the next minute after you trade it in if they have a customer.

How long does a dealership have to notify that they can not get you financing?

A car dealership does not have a certain length of time to tell you. It is better business practice to do so when they tell you they will, within a reasonable period of time.

Can your car be repossed by the car dealership if i was never approved for financing?

You were never approved for financing to buy the car thus you do not own the car and the dealer has the right to his yes they can

How long after paying can you get your car back?

Every person's financing situation with their vehicle is unique. You'll have to call the people that repossessed your car (your bank, the dealership) to find out.

What are your options if you bought a used car in new car dealership got their financing and had an accident within 3 days of buying the car and no insurance?

You have to pay off the car. Unless there was a fault with the car that caused the accident, the dealership is home free. Surprising that they did not require collision insurance as part of the financing.

Can a car be sold to a dealership for another car?

Yes. It is called a trade in.

What services are provided at Carter Dodge?

Carter Dodge is a car dealership affiliated with Dodge and Chrysler. They offer new and used cars for sale. There are options on financing and trade ins. Dealership repair and maintenance services are also offered.

Where can you get free information about car financing?

You can get free information about car financing from either a bank or a car dealership. You might also want to check with your insurance company. If you are buying a car from a dealer, I would talk with them first.

If you signed a contract to purchase a used car from a dealership and they have not told you who is financing the car after a week and didn't pay off the balance of your trade can you return the car?

If they do not know who the financing is then you havnt signed a finance agreement so in that case you should be able to return the car and get your trade back. sounds like to me they are shooping your loan to different lenders. Just make sure you didnt sign a finance agreement.

Where can one find more information about financing for cars?

To find information about car financing, you can visit your local car dealership, and ask them for information about the process of receiving financing. Also, some websites can provide you with reliable information, such as HowStuffWorks.

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