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The mere act of a child residing with someone other than the parent or legal guardian does not constitute abandonment. Abandonment is legally defined as the act of leaving a person without the necessities of life (food, shelter, lack of financial means, etc.) when it pertains to a child it is usually considered endangement. If the adult allows the child to reside in their home without attempting to resolve the situation by contacting the parents or authorities the law will presume the adult caregiver consented to the arrangement. The law generally considers temporary custody as (3 months or less) and there not being a necessity of a court order. That is with the assumption that the parents of the minor have consented to the arrangement. Any adult who allows a minor child to reside in their home without the knowledge and/or consent of the parents can be subject to civil and criminal penalties. I

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Q: How long does a child have to live with someone else to be considered abandoned in the state of Texas?
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What is the legal definition of child in Texas?

Someone under the age of 18 is considered a minor.

How long does it take for a child to be considered abandoned by his parent?

it took 6 month

What if the mother abandoned the child?

Well.... If the mother abandoned the child, then im sure someone will find the child or the child will go to there friends house to stay there or go to one of there aunts or uncles or cousins house!!! Im sure that the child will no wat to do

At what age can a child decide who she lives with in Texas?

At age 18. in Texas any child is considered an adult at that age.

Definition of child abandonment in Indiana?

The definition of child abandonment is very clear in Indiana. Any child who is young and left on their own is considered abandoned.

If you marry someone with a child and then get divorced do you have to pay child support on the child in the state of Texas?

Not unless you adopted the child.

Will Texas extradite someone to Pennsylvania for unpaid child support?


On what grounds can you file child abandonment in georgia?

A parent who leaves a child in Georgia for 3 months or longer without support or communication is considered to have abandoned them. This has to be an intentional absence from the child's life.

What is the age when a child left alone is considered abandoned?

As a parent you should never leave you child unattended and if this question ever pops into your head you answered your own question.

What is the time frame for a child to be considered abandoned in Indiana?

Usually, abandonment can be claimed if the father has been out of the child's life for at least three years. This applies to mothers, also.

How long does a parent have to be gone before a child is considered abandoned in CA?

The law says about 9 months. But it varies depending which part you are in.

How long before a child is considered abandoned if left with grandparent's as temporary guardians in New York state?

In general most states it is 6mo.

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