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How long does a civil judgment last in New Jersey?

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Dear Sirs, How long does a civil jugement last in New Jersey. Plus which is the webb site to check all the JUDGEMENTS you have on your name. in Bergen county. NJ please reply.

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How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in New Jersey?

How long does a civil judgement in New Jersey stay on your credit report?

How long does a civil judgment last in Kansas?

In the state of Kansas, a civil judgment lasts 7 years. However, a judgment can be extended if it is re-opened in court before the 7 year deadline.

How long does civil judgment last in the state of GA?

7 years and is collectable at 12 % interest

In Michigan how long can a vehicle repo judgment last?

It depends on if it was a small claims judgment or a civil judgment. Small claims are good for 6 years from the date of judgment and civils are good for 10 years. The judgments can be renewed before they expire.

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How long does a civil judgment stay on your credit in Arizona?

7 Years

How long can a civil judgment be collected in North Carolina?

Ten Years.

How long will a civil judgment remain on public record in pa?

7 years

How long does a civil judgment last in Tennessee?

I found this website in the Related Link below that you put the state in the box and hit search it says for Tennessee it is 10 yrs

How long does a judgment last in Pennsylvania?

Until it is satisfied or vacated.

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How long do you have to pay a judgment in a federal civil lawsuit?

Simple answer, until the amount stated in the judgment writ plus accrued interest (if any) is paid in full.

How long will a civil judgment stay on a credit report in Kentucky?

depend on when you paid it and from that date 7 years.

How long will a civil judgment remain on public record in Ohio?

Most courts never destroy their records.

How long does a civil judgment last in New York state?

The usual time limit is ten years at a maximum of 8% interest. N.Y. does not allow most judgments to be renewed. A judgment in New York is valid for twenty years. During that time it can enforced against a judgment debtor's income and assets. A lien of a judgment resulting from the docketing of a judgment with the County Clerk is good for ten years, and can be renewed for another ten years.

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How long does a judgment last?

Until it's paid. Judgments are valid from 5-20 years depending upon the type of judgment rendered. Most judgments are renewable and can last indefinitely until voluntarily paid, satisfied or successfully executed by the judgment creditor against the judgment debtor

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How long can a judgment last on your credit report in ny?

10 years is the sol in N.Y.

How long does the judge have to file a judgment in a civil family law matter family law?

Normally the parties, not the court, files the judgment. There is no time requirement for the judge to RENDER a decision.

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