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Typically credit reports are updated monthly, but can take up to 90 days in some cases.

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If a creditor reports an upaid bill on your credit then sells the account to another creditor can they report the same unpaid bill on your credit?

Yes, they can. But, usually it can be removed by the credit bureau once its proven to be a duplicate entry of the same debt.

Can you place a outstanding bill on someones credit report?

Yes, if you are the original creditor and you have an account with any of the three credit bureaus.

Can a collection agency report you to the credit bureau if you are making monthly payments on your medical bill?

If the debt was properly assigned by the original creditor, yes. If you are making payments to the Original creditor than ask them to pull it back from there Collection agency, then dispute with the CRA's and when they update it should delete

Report an unpaid bill to credit bureau?

How do I report an unpaid bill to a credit bureau?

Can a hospital bill go onto your credit report?

Yes an unpaid hospital bill will show on your credit report, however, if you are disputing the bill you can write to the credit reporting agencies(all 3) and have the dispute added to your file. This way if anyone pulls your credit report this cannot be taken into acccount for future credit.

Can a collection agency report you to a credit bureau if you are making payments to the creditor?

Yes, they can. However, most don't provided you make a payment agreement with them and honor it until the bill is paid in full.

Will a utility bill ever go away?

Sure! Assuming that the utility bill is delinquent, refer to the following points below. 1. If it is on your credit report, it will come off after 7 years. 2. You can negotiate with the utility company to pay for removal from your credit report, or at least update it to paid. 3. If the debt is reporting inaccurately, you can dispute it with the credit bureaus in order to have it removed.

Can you be sued for a bill that does not show on your credit report?


Can you have an unpaid bill removed from your credit report?

Yes, but only if one of 4 things happens: 1) The creditor agrees to remove it 2) You prove to the credit agency (Experian etc) that it is an erroneous account 3) You prove that the account should not have been reported due to some other factor 4) You dispute it and the creditor does not respond to the dispute

Do you have to pay a bill that's not on my credit report statement?


Does your phone bill show up on credit report?


How can you get a current credit report if your bankruptcy was discharged a year ago and a certificate of discharge was sent to Equifax for them to update your records but you can't get a current one?

You can contact Equifax and tell them you wish to see a copy of your credit report..If you disagree with anything on the report, you can challenge the information..Under the consumer bill of rights, they have a specific time to verify the correctness of the information they have..If they can not confirm their information, they must drop it from the report.

How can you get an unpaid bill put on someones credit report?

Take them to court.

If you pay a medical bill that is reported as a delinquency on your credit report and the bill is less than 100 does it still show on your report for 7 years?

It shoulden't.

If a bill is sent to a collection agency will it go on your credit report?

Yes it will go on your credit report. It will usually appear as a "charge-off" if it has been sent to a collection agency. ***Typicallly the answer is yes. It really depends on what the subscriber (the own of the debt) chooses to report. They may or may not report the debt to the Credit Reporting Agencies. They usually do, but I've seen it go both ways. If the debt is already on your credit report, get the debt paid in full (try to avoid a "settlement"). Then request (in writing, return receipt requested) that the original creditor report the debt "paid as agreed". This can positively impact your credit score. If consumers would take the initiative to communicate (in writing) with their creditors when they first encounter financial difficulty, the demand for collection agencies and bill collectors would significantly diminish.

What will happen to you if you are sued for credit card debt?

The creditor will file suit if the bill is large enough, and a judgment will be obtained. Then, the creditor will go after your paycheck, bank accounts, and property.Talk to an attorney,soon.

How long do unpaid medical bills stay on your credit report?

Like other late payments reported to a credit reporting agency, an unpaid medical bill may stay on a credit report for up to seven years.

How long does a paid collection bill stay on your credit report?

Seven years.

How many days can you be late on your car payment without affecting your credit?

This is the same with every lender, and a common misquoted answer: Before your credit score will be affected by a late payment, you must be 30 days late on your bill. Yet, there is one more caveat, you need to be working with a creditor that actually reports to the credit bureaus. Many creditors do not report to the credit bureaus and have then, a late payment will have no impact on your credit score. That being said, do not assume that is normal, as most lenders do. Typically, creditors that do not report to the credit bureaus, are small banks, utility companies, cell phone providers, and the likes. One point of caution, if you don't pay your small bank, utility bill, or cell phone bill, even though they do not report the payment history to the credit bureaus, they will send your bill to collections and ultimately, that will hurt your credit. Obviously, the best thing to do is to pay your bills each month.

Can a creditor make me pay with funds from an authorized user credit card?

Actually A creditor cannot make you pay at all. Anytime A bill gets paid it is because you made the decision to pay it.

Who are the parties to credit card?

There are basically two parties involved with credit cards - the creditor and the debtor. The creditor is the organisation who pays the shop or business the debtor (ie you) are buying from. They then collect the money from you in installments adding interest each month until the bill is paid.

After an unpaid medical bill is removed from your credit report in 7 years does your credit score go back up?


Can an unpaid medical bill from 2004 be entered on the credit report of a minor?

If the bill belongs to a minor, it will most likely be put on the credit report of the responsible party, which would be one of the parents, or the legal guardian of the minor at the time the debt was accrued.

What to do when suspected identity theft?

When I suspected identity theft because of a bill collector calling my house about a bill in another town I did not recognize. I contacted 3-1 credit reporting to pull my credit report on-line. It cost me $29.95 but it was worth it. I found the creditor was calling because someone had purchased some expensive tires and rims using my SS#. I also found a $50,000 automobile purchase that happened the day before the tire and rim purchase. The credit report gave me the contact info of the creditor. I called them and told them i did not make these purchases. They instructed to to file a police report and they sent me an affidavit to get notarized swearing these were not purchases. Once I sent them the notarized form, the creditors quickly removed the purchases from the credit bureaus and sent me a signed letter stating they had removed the purchases. This took only 2 weeks from start to finish. One of the creditors was a large financial institution. From this point on, I now have a credit alert on my credit.

How do you remove a unpaid phone bill off credit report after nine years?

Write a letter to the credit agency. I will warn you that getting things changed on the credit report is hard. They often don't do it even after several attempts.

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