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Not sure what the time limit(if any) is. CALL a local attorney ASAP. I have read of dealers getting caught NOT paying off loans yet selling cars again. It could be an honest mistake/oversight, no need to get stuck. Make the call just in case.

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Q: How long does a dealer have to payoff a traded in vehicle?
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How long does a car dealer have to payoff a trade-in vehicle?

Call a local attorney for state specific advice.

How long does a dealer have to give you a title?

As soon as the vehicle is paid in full.

How long does dealer have to keep insurance on vehicles after bought?

a dealer should have a bond. The coverage on the vehicle is like having a liability policy. If the dealer was driving the car and had an at fault accident, he will have to pay for repairs on his vehicle and the bond will cover the other persons car. Once you buy a car from a dealer, you are responsible for purchasing insurance for the vehicle, the dealer is no longer liable. In fact, the dealer should require that you have insurance before you drive the vehicle off the lot.

If dealer unwind a vehicle with one hundred and forty nine miles on it should that vehicle be sold as used in nc?

The vehicle can be sold as new as long as it has not been titled.

How long does dealer have to ask for car back in Virginia?

Why would a dealer ask for a car back? If you are referring to how long he has to repossess the vehicle after you stop making payments, the answer in most states is immediately.

How long do you have to return a car to the dealer in Illinois?

You cannot return a car to the dealer. The buyer's remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle of any kind.

What are the laws for repairs on a used vehicle from the dealer?

it all depends on what kind of warranty or agreement you had from the dealer when you bought the vehicle. in some states there is a lemon law for the first 30 days or however long it is in different states

How long do you have to return a quad runner to a dealer in MO?

If you've ridden it at all, you are at the mercy of the dealer. A quad is not a "vehicle", and you do not enjoy any protection from lemon laws.

How long does a dealer have to get the vehicle financed after they have already sent you home in it?

10 days or they have to notifiy you in writing that they have not acquired financing.

How long will it take for Kevin Garnett be traded?

He won't be traded by the Celtics for years.

How long do you have to return a used car to dealer in ind?

You cannot return it. The buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

How long can you drive a vehicle without tags in Arkansas after the title has been signed over to you?

30 days, I believe (with temporary tags from Dealer)

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