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That information should be contained in the documents accompanying the court order. If the defendant is unsure of the status of the order he or she should contact the office of the clerk of the court that issued the "MC", immediately. The length of time to respond may be as short as 5 days. Failure to respond to such an order can result in the named person being charged with contempt of a direct order of the court and other penalties.

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Q: How long does a defendant have to answer a 'Motion To Compel' order?
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What can you do if you think that the probate of an estate has taken to long to settle?

File a motion with the probate court asking the court to compel the executor to complete the probating of the estate.File a motion with the probate court asking the court to compel the executor to complete the probating of the estate.File a motion with the probate court asking the court to compel the executor to complete the probating of the estate.File a motion with the probate court asking the court to compel the executor to complete the probating of the estate.

Does Plaintiff in a civil case have to prove the debt to a defendant before proceeding to motion to compel discovery?

No. As long as the complaint sets forth sufficient allegations of fact to support a finding that the debt is due and owing the case moves along to the point of discovery. The whole purpose of discovery, and therefore a motion to compel discovery when discovery is refused, is to ascertain the facts supporting the allegations that the debt is due and owing. Another point is that discovery is a process that takes place prior to the trial and the trial is where plaintiff proves its case. Therefore, a motion to compel discovery necessarily precedes proof of the debt.

If defendant fails to reply to summons within 30 day period but reply on the same day I submit a motion for Entry of Default will the defendants reply be valid?

If the defendant does not respond to the suit within 30 days you can get a default judgement. As long as you filed the motion on day 31 or after, your motion will be valid.

How long should you wait until you file a Motion To Compel after filing a Request to Produce Documents?

most courts require that you first try & resolve the problem without a motion to compel. thus, best thing to do is call the other party or his attorney and 'remind' them the papers are past due (usually 15 to 30 days, depending) give them 30 days to be on the safe side. when you file the motion to compel, put in it that you have contacted the other party and tried to get it resolved to no avail. Terrill Corley Tulsa, OK

How long does it take for the court to sanction a motion to compel that has been ignored past the set date to submit documents?

Filing a Motion, in and of itself, does very little other than give the other party and the court notice of your request for something. Your attorney knows that s/he needs to request a HEARING on the Motion and obtain an Order from the court for it to have any enforceable weight. Filing a Motion to Compel Answers to Interrogetories, for example, tells the opposing party that they owe you answers -- and it tends to indicate that you are serious about getting those answers. In most instances, the opposing party will get busy and answer the interrogatories without a hearing on the matter. But if they don't, you have to request and have a Hearing on the Motion to obtain an "Order to Compel". The court will not sanction a motion, but can only sanction a party who fails to comply with an order. Let's say that you have an Order to Compel by the court that order the other party to answer your discovery request "within 15 days". Those days come and go and you still don't have your discovery. Now it's time to file a Motion for Sanctions, and notice up that motion with a hearing. If the opposing party still fails to comply, and particularly if they fail to show up for the hearing, you will likely be granted monetary sanctions to cover your costs involved in trying to get the discovery to which you are entitled. Each jurisdiction is different, and each judge within each jurisdiction has his or her own way of dealing with these things. You are always better off having an attorney handle these matters for you.

How to file motion to compel in discovery?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I'll answer this based on what I think you mean: If the parties in a case have hit a brick wall regarding what one party believes is discoverable, but the other party doesn't, then you file a motion to compel. You can also file it if the 28 or 30 days (depends on court) to answer interrogatories is long passed & you've attempted to get the answers. Most judges do not appreciate being dragged into the discovery phase - so, be sure you've tried to work the problem out with the other party first. Then write your motion and file it with a proposed order for the judge.

How long does Michigan have to extradite?

30 days from the day the defendant files habies corpus (should be done as soon as defendant can).

How do you cancel an Interim Protection Order?

The simple answer is you file a motion to annul, or an agreed motion to annul the order. The long answer is that most of these types of orders are short term and the time required to have the hearing and order issued is longer than the original order; which makes the entire process moot.

Will the indigent father have to pay child support?

As long as a child support order exist, yes. But, he should file a motion to modify the order.

How long does it take to quash a motion?

You don't quash a motion. You request that the judge deny the motion.

How long does a defendant have to get a preliminary hearing?

Within 24 to 72 hours af arrest.

How long does a defendant have to answer a lawsuit after they have been served?

Defendent has 30 days to asnwer a lawsuit.

How long can motion sickness last?

Motion sickness can last quite a long time if you get very sick. This sickness could last many long hours.

Does a defendant have to accept a jury trial?

In this state a defendant has a right to a jury trial. He can wave that right. He can have his trial in front of a judge or he can plead guilty. In a number of cases, the prosecutor charges the defendant with a long list of crimes. The defendant can go to trial in front of a jury. If he is not guilty on all counts, he goes free. If he is guilty on all counts, he spends a long time in prison. However, frequently a defendant and his lawyer will try to plea bargain with the prosecutor. If you drop these charges, we will plead guilty to those. If the judge approves, the sentence is shorter than it would be if the defendant was found guilty in a jury trial. The trial could be before a judge and not before a judge.

How long to you go to jail for domestic violence in Washington?

In all cases where there is a conviction on a domestic violence charge, the court is required by law to order the defendant to enroll in a State Certified Domestic Violence Perpetrators Program.

How long does an auto repossession and a home foreclosure after stay on your credit report?


How long is a bench warrant for a DUI in Washington state?

Most warrants are FOREVER, or until the defendant dies.

A long arm statute permits a court to exercise jurisdiction over an out-of-state defendant?


How long does it take when you file a motion for garnishment?

after filing a motion of denying the judgement on garnished bank account: how long will it take to release bank garnishment

How long does the prosecution have to turn over information once a motion for discovery has been filed?

The timeframe is usually specified in the order - otherwise as soon as is reasonably possible.

How long does a suspended sentence last?

There is no standard time frame for a suspended sentence. The sentence length is determined by the judge and will last as long as the defendant complies.

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In ca how long can the state wait to file charges?

Until they have gathered enough evidence to build a satisfactory case against the defendant. The procedural clock doesn't start running until the defendant is formally arrested and arraigned.

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