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It all depends on what a judge might say. Your wife eventually will have to sign the papers no matter what.

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When one wants a divorce and the other does not do both parties have to sign the papers with no children involved?

No, the petitioner spouse can receive a divorce under the state's default laws.

If a person is getting a divorce and children are involved can a divorce be not granted or put off if one party doesnt want to sign divorce for counseling?

In Alabama, even if one party does not want the divorce to proceed, the other party can still get the divorce granted by filing for a default judgment. Since children are involved, I would not let the divorce get to this stage. At a default judgment hearing, the party requesting will more than likely be granted most of what they request while you are left out in the cold.

In the UK how long is the wait before a divorce can take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition?

how long is the wait before a divorce take place if the spouse refuses to sign the divorce petition

If a divorce is filed do both parties have to sign the divorce papers when the two people have children if one wants the divorce and the other does not in new york?

It is not required that both parties sign the divorce papers in NY or any other state. The judge has the power to grant the divorce.

If a divorce is filed do both parties have to sign the divorce papers when the two people have children if one wants the divorce and the other does not?

If both parties will not sign the divorce papers then the court will deciede. Depends what state you are in. Indiana is a no fault state meaning if you want to divorce you will be allowed to regardless if the other party wants to or not.

In Florida what if spouse will not sign divorce papers?

If your spouse will not agree to a divorce agreement, you can file a Petition with the court to continue the divorce proceeding as a contested divorce. Which petition you file will depend on whether there are children and/or property involved. A contested divorce can become complex, and it is generally suggested that you seek legal advice from an experienced Family Law attorney. Divorce mediation can help you resolve issues in a safe and professional setting. Educating yourself as to the process and the issues involved, can save you in time and money. See the Related Links below for more information.

How long is the wait before a divorce can take place if spouse refuses to sign the divorce?

It varies from person to person and depends if there are children, properties or a substantial amount of money involved. In British Columbia, Canada, once you have been separated from your spouse for 7 years you can request a divorce document (as long as you have not had anything to do with your ex.) You can also have your lawyer push for the divorce. If you have a lawyer it sounds as if he/she is not doing their job well. If you don't have a lawyer I suggest you get one. I tried getting a divorce the easy way from my ex, but he was doing the same thing your husband is doing (just being nasty) and I had to get a lawyer and even at that it took me 2 years to get that divorce.

Can your ex wife make you sign off on your children in the divorce.?

Theres no way she could MAKE you sign off your children. In a divorce you have to fight to try and get custody or visitation time with the kids. And being a father it is hard so you need to fight hard to get what you want and deserve.

I want to know how to get a divorce without causing distress to the children.?

Getting a divorce without causing emotional harm to the children involved is nearly impossible in most instances. If both parties are civil and do not use the child as a bargaining tool this is a good sign. Also, giving the child an outlet to speak his/her mind during the process is important, such as a counselor.

Do both parties in a divorce have to sign papers in California?

No, there is a divorce by default as long one spouse is served. Also see a California divorce Attorney-

How can you get a divorce if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers in Oklahoma?

In the state Of Oklahoma who do you get divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the papers

How long does a Pennsylvania divorce take?

It depends on a lot of things. First, are children involved? If yes, then the court can mandate family counseling. How much shared property do you have, and can you reasonably divide it between yourselves without a lawyer? Of course then it depends on if you are both willing to sign the divorce papers. If yes, then it could be as little as 6 months. If no, then it could take years. Or, if both parties are in consent (mutual consent divorce), it could take as little as 15 days.

Can you refuse to sign divorce paper in Ireland?

Yes, you can refuse to sign divorce papers. The court will decide when and how the divorce is decided and closed.

Can I sign divorce papers with a power of attorney?

I have a durable power of attorney for my husband, can I sign his name to divorce papers so I can get a divorce from him?

How can I make my husband sign the divorce papers?

It is his right not to sign the papers. If you cannot amend them to his satisfaction, file them as a 'Contested' divorce and have them served to him along with a summons of court date. He will have to appear in court to explain why he would not sign them. If there are citizenship matters involved, then you probably need an attorney to help you through the situation.

Can you get free divorce from a imate in Oklahoma prison?

You can not get a "free" divorce at all, because of the paper work involved. However, if you can research the forms online and type them up yourself and have both parties sign, you can get a divorce for only the filing costs (which in Tulsa county at the time of my divorce were about $45). Voila, divorce on the cheap.

If my wife in Bahamas refuses to sign the divorce papers what can I do to have the divorce recognized?

If your wife in Bahamas refuses to sign the divorce papers what you can do is refile for divorce under abandment and the court can then rule that you don't need her to sign. STATED BY AUTHOR

What if a spouse refuses to sign for a registered letter of service regarding divorce?

If 1 party of the spouses who are involved in the divorce refuses to sign any documents then the person who is cooperating will most likely get everything they are asking for. Most likely a certain amount of time will have to pass before a judge will sign off on the decree.

How can one get a divorce if spouse refuses to sigN divorce papers in TN?

You can fake her signature or you can get one of her papers that she did sign and tape it to the divorce papers

Can you refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas?

You can refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas. The divorce will eventually move ahead and along without the signatures.

Can you divorce your mate without telling them?

no , they have to sign the divorce papers.

What if my spouse won't sign the divorce papers?

If your spouse won't sign the divorce papers then file a judgment of default. If your spouse does not sign it within 30 to 60 days then the divorce will be final by default.

When A Couple Agrees To Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is the easiest divorce that could occur for a couple. The divorce means that both parties involved in the divorce proceedings agree to the divorce and the terms involved. The couple usually decides to get a divorce and go to see a lawyer on their own if the divorce is uncontested. The divorce is usually cheaper when it is uncontested because there is minimal paperwork to be filed and there is usually less work involved with the attorney and judge that sees the divorce proceedings. The first thing that a couple would need to do when they decide to divorce is to sit down together and discuss what items they are sharing and who is keeping what in the home. If the home is shared between the two people, then they would need to make an agreement as to who gets the home and the contents in the home. If there are children between the couple, they can talk about who would get the children on each day of the week. The attorney they see can help them decide the best route to go on dividing everything between the couple. If the couple has nothing to share between them, they can go ahead with the divorce proceedings. A document will be typed by the attorney. One spouse would sign the copy and then it is sent to the other spouse for them to approve. In an uncontested divorce, the other spouse would not object to the document and the contents in it. The couple would sign the document and send it back to the attorney. The attorney would file the document with the court in the county the couple lives in. the divorce is good for the entire state that the couple resides in. The couple can get married after the divorce is filed if they choose to do so. The couple should keep all of the paperwork involved in the proceeding so they will know exactly when the divorce was filed and what is included in the divorce agreement. A divorce usually takes about 30 days to process and become finalized.

Can you get a divorce finalized if you are pregnant in Kentucky?

No. While pregnant in the state of KY a divorce cannot be finalized. Furthermore, the child legally belongs to the husband, even if it is not biologically his. And when the time to divorce arrives all parties involved must sign affidavits of paternity of the child.

Can you refuse to sign the divorce papers?

You can refuse to sign your divorce papers but would cause a lot of trouble for your spouse but it is different in each state for situations were your spouse does not want to sign the divorce papers but in most cases the court will still grant you a divorce.