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5 to 6 years

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Q: How long does a driving-while-intoxicated arrest or conviction affect your insurance rates in New York State?
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Does an arrest record but not conviction hurt your job chances?


If you have complete probation does the conviction stay on your record?

Yes, unless you have the conviction expunged; however, the arrest record remains forever.

Is a conviction for child endangerment a felony?

is an arrest charge of child endangerment a felony?

Can you buy a gun if you have a felony arrest no conviction all charges dropped?


Which model emphasizes the efficient arrest and conviction of criminal offenders?

Crime Control

What can be inferred from the criminal justice system?

The likelihood of an arrest leading to a conviction has fallen

Can the police arrest you for no insurance?


Is a DUI on your record from arrest date or conviction date?

It is when you get the conviction of it. Remember they changed the law so they all count now, if you're from Michigan.

Will trucking companies hire drivers with a DUI inside of 3 or 5 years?

Yes, there are a few trucking companies who are willing to give second chances, and whose insurance will allow them to hire you as long as the DUI/DWI conviction is at LEAST 3 years old from the date of CONVICTION, not arrest.

How do you get a public intoxacation and resisting arrest charge off of your record?

Criminal arrests and convictions are a permanent part of your criminal record. An arrest or conviction can be expunged or sealed under certain exceptional conditions. It is not often done. The process varies from one state to another, and involves making a petition to the court that presided over the original arrest and/or conviction. The court will usually consider the circumstances of the original arrest, and the conduct of the person arrested since then. Generally, a substantial amount of time has to have passed since the original arrest, and the arrestee must have been a model citizen since. Sealing or expungement of a conviction does not allow you to omit this information from many background investigation processes. A pardon of a previous conviction eliminates the consequences of the conviction, such as restoration of civil rights, but does not remove the conviction from your record.

List the steps of criminal procedure from arrest to conviction?

arrest - preliminary hearing - indictment - pre-trial hearing(s) - trial - sentencing.

What happens if you don't follow court orders for a misdemeanor conviction?

You would have a warrant out for your arrest.

Can an arrest affect chances of getting custody?

it depends on what you did. Lets say you do it again when you do have custody will it affect the life of your child? *** In short yes. A ruling judge will reivew past criminal convictions to determin the chance of additional disruptions in the ability to provide care to the child. The court will ask questions like: Does the conviction impact your ability to gain employment or housing? Does your conviction threaten the safety of the child? However, the impact of a past conviction may not be that great if it will not affect your ability to care for the child.

Does Georgia have an expungement process to remove a felony?

No. Georgia only allows expungements to remove arrest records, in the event that there was no conviction. Georgia has a pardon procedure available post conviction. It does not remove the conviction from your record.

What is a criminal justice perspective that emphasizes the efficient arrest and conviction of criminal offenders?

crime control model

Does a felony conviction affect your credit?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows inclusion of 'records of arrest' and 'convictions'. However, for most credit report products used today, this information is neither seen nor used.

How long will a misdemeanor remain on your record in KY?

The short answer is forever.There are ways of "removing"an arrest or conviction however.You can apply for "expungement" of an arrest or conviction if you meet certain criteria.My suggestion is to research the laws and exceptions in your juristiction. Be advised that I am not a lawyer and the answers provided do not reflect case law or laws.

Can you get caught if you have a warrant for your arrest and you apply for employment insurance?

Yes, you can.

If you were never convicted or the case was dropped how do you get an arrest off your record?

You can't get the arrest removed because it actually happened. However, a conviction will not show up on your record because you weren't convicted.

Is an arrest a criminal record?

Yes. Once a person is arrested - that arrest is documented. Therefore a record is created - even if the person is later released without charge.

Will liability insurance pay for a lawyerin the event of arrest?

It depends on whether the arrest is for something the policy covers. Criminal acts are routinely excluded. Check with your insurance agent for coverage in your specific case.

Can forgery conviction be seal in Illinois?

You would have to petition the court with a request to seal the record, giving good reason why it should be granted. Sealing the case file will not remove the record of your arrest and conviction.

What happens to your registration if your car insurance is cancelled?

maybe if you use your car to travel, and then the insurance is cancelled they arrest the owner of the car.......

Do you qualify for section 8 housing if you were previously arrested?

Depends on what you were convicted of incidental to the arrest (an arrest is not the same as a conviction, in which case you would have pled guilty or no contest, or been found guilty, in a court of law).

What is the statue of limitations for dwi arrest in minnesota without a conviction?

Need more specific info to be able to answer the question. What do you mean "without a conviction?" Were you found not guilty? Was the case dropped? Has the case never gone to court? What?