How long does a factory sealed box of cigars stay fresh before requiring a humidor?


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I would get them to a humidor as soon as you can. This becomes more important depending on the humidity of the region you live in.

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My grandfather kept his cigars in a humidor.

No , the antifreeze contains chemicals that would contaminate the cigars and the humidor .

It depends on the cigars. Some of us do, others do not. If you smoke flavored cigars like Lars Tetens and Acids, don't put them in the same humidor as your Cohibas and Punches if you don't want all your cigars to taste like Lars. I wouldn't put really powerful cigars in the same humidor as mild cigars, because the mild cigars will absorb the flavor of the strong ones. But as far as putting...oh, Partagas and Punch real problem.

Both, I work at a cigar and tobacco shop. We have a huge cigar case with a humidor. A humidor keeps them fresh, wrapper, or not-just throw them in:-)

Ideal conditions for a humidor are 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 70% humidity .Keep your humidor from direct sunlight .

It is any kind of box or room with a constant humidity where you would store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco in

i age my cigars in the cherry wood box that they came in but they should have already been aged before they were rolled! - - - - - If you have a good humidor, put them in the humidor and leave them for a year. Some serious aged-cigar lovers buy 150-quart Igloo coolers, glue spanish cedar to the inside of them, leave them open for a few months to get the smell of plastic and glue out, then age cigars in them.

In a humidor, a specially designed encasement for keeping cigars. It has constant humidity and uses a hygrometer to measure humidity levels.

Possible. If you have kept them in a humidor, not in excess humidity they should be fine.

Cigar accessories could include a humidor to store your cigars , a variety of cigar-cutters , a lighter specifically designed for lighting a cigar and a case to carry a few cigars .

Once you have mold you pretty much need to start over. Every cigar in the humidor will be affected. (infected) You could try leaving the humidor open for a week or so and giving it a light sanding and re-humidify it with out cigars for a week or two, then test it with some expendable cigars to see if it ruins them or not. Use a digital hygrometer and the crystal jars not the sponges with water. It make it easier to regulate and keep the mold away. If the humidor is a cheapy, I would toss it and start over.

as far as i know that would be a risky move as your environment could change and damage you cigars. i would suggest taking your humidor in to a teck. or figuring out how to change it levels. you could put your cigars in a plastic bag or other air tight container(i have a tall glass jar) and putting a clay tab(like in brown sugar bags) in with it, so you don't have to take them with you.

Stale cigars should be placed in a humidor and kept at a 70% level of humidity . Cigars only have one life. If allowed to dry out or become stale, the oils dry. From that point on they are no more than rolled tobacco leaves. They can not be brought back.

Yes. A cigar case is often a humidor, but not necessarily. There are temporary protective cases for transporting cigars, but they are not meant for long term storage. Humidors are temperature and humidity-controlled, for long-term storage.

Tony Soprano smokes: C.A.O. Sopranos L.E. HumidorTony Sopranos Signiture Series Limited Edition 150 capacity humidor that comes with 48 of the Tony Sopranos Signiture Series Cigars[ Ring Size: 60 Length: 6 1/2 ] from NicaraguaTHIS IS A RARE HUMIDOR FILLED WITH RARE CIGARS....very limited edition....we have only 2 of these to sell...the Soprano Signiture Humidor is a high gloss black humidor that comes with 48 of the rare Signiture Series Super Toro size .....6 1/2 by 60!!!!

Throw away the directions that come with the humidor. Use the gel or beads. Do NOT use a dial hygrometer. Get a digital hygrometer. Leave it a couple days with no cigars. You are now good to go. This method will save you ALOT of pain. If you have a large humidor get one of the electric units that self regulate and double check it with your digital hygrometer.

Normally this reads, "is it legal to import Cuban cigars from a retailer in Europe?" And the answer is of course no, you can't import Cuban cigars from anywhere. Dry-cured cigars are popular in Europe. These are machine-made cigars that have been dried in an oven so they don't need to be stored in a humidor. You can import all of these you want, so long as they don't contain Cuban tobacco.

You might try leaving the humidor open for a long time... months. Then give the wood a light sanding and close the box for a couple of weeks with a humidification source. See if you detect a odor. If so, you will have to use the box for another purpose. The problem is the cedar inside the humidor is porous and designed to absorb from it's surroundings. With the prices the way they are, You need the best storage device available to you. - - - - - You really CAN'T remove the burnt cigar smell. If you like saving half-smoked cigars to finish at another time, get a new humidor for unsmoked cigars, and use this one for the half-smoked ones.

Cigars are stored in containers called "humidors". ---- Some individuals create a homemade humidor out of a tupperware or insulated cooler. These are called "Tupperdors or Coolerdors"

There are a few ways.First is by singles. The cigar dealer will open a box of cigars and people will buy individual cigars out of it. If you don't have a humidor, or you don't know what you like yet, this is a good way.Then come bundled cigars. They shrinkwrap 20 cigars into a brick and put them in the store. These are lower-priced sticks. A lot of them taste good--JR Alternatives are like this.Next are boxed cigars. A box contains 20 to 25 cigars.The above cigars are usually individually wrapped in cellophane.Finally comes the Cabinet Selection. This is a box that contains, usually, 50 cigars. They're combined into a hexagonal arrangement and tied together with a ribbon. For some reason the ribbon is always red. In Kipling's The Betrothed he speaks of "fifty dusky beauties tied with a string." That's a cabinet selection. The idea here is you buy this thing and stick it in your big humidor, box and all, for a couple years to let the sticks inside age to a turn.All those are hand-rolled cigars. If you buy machine-made cigars, they come either in packs of five or in boxes.

I think that depends primarily on the kind of cigar you want to purchase. You can go to most gas station stores and buy Swisher Sweets or Black 'N Milds for relatively cheap -- under $5. Some cigars can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on their origin, the type of tobacco and how it was processed, and if it is aged for a certain amount of time before it is sold. Most major cities have cigar clubs, a place where you can smoke expensive cigars with other cigar aficionados in a room known as a "humidor." A humidor just keeps the room at a certain humidity that is best to store tobacco and cigars. Also, you might want to check out a magazine called "Cigar Aficionado," which is a great resource for people who want to know more about the art of really fine tobaccos.

The cigars were made in Scranton Pennsylvania. Given the price, they were probably made in the 1940's. Since the Parodis were Italian, it might be wise to look into Pennyslvania cigar manufacturers of the 40's. Avanti cigar company is still in business makng these and seveal other brands of Italian style cigars. All are dry cured and do no require a humidor for storage.

The thing to remember about small cigars and cigarillos is they have ingredients and additives similar to cigarettes. If you want to try cigars and you are sensitive to ingredients such as nuts, stick to cigars that are 100% tobacco. They will require more attention (regulated humidor) and are harder to find (order online) or a real cigar shop), and cost more( again, go online), but it will be worth the effort. Try Macanudo , Ascot-Maduro or Gold.

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