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I would get them to a humidor as soon as you can. This becomes more important depending on the humidity of the region you live in.

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Q: How long does a factory sealed box of cigars stay fresh before requiring a humidor?
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How do you use humidor in a sentence?

My grandfather kept his cigars in a humidor.

Can you use antifreeze in your cigar humidor?

No , the antifreeze contains chemicals that would contaminate the cigars and the humidor .

What is the name of a container for cigars 7 letters?


Are cigars wrapped or unwrapped when in a humidor?

Both, I work at a cigar and tobacco shop. We have a huge cigar case with a humidor. A humidor keeps them fresh, wrapper, or not-just throw them in:-)

Can you put different cigars together in on humidor?

It depends on the cigars. Some of us do, others do not. If you smoke flavored cigars like Lars Tetens and Acids, don't put them in the same humidor as your Cohibas and Punches if you don't want all your cigars to taste like Lars. I wouldn't put really powerful cigars in the same humidor as mild cigars, because the mild cigars will absorb the flavor of the strong ones. But as far as putting...oh, Partagas and Punch real problem.

What should Room temperature be at to keep a humidor for cigars?

Ideal conditions for a humidor are 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) and 70% humidity .Keep your humidor from direct sunlight .

What is humidor?

It is any kind of box or room with a constant humidity where you would store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco in

How do you age cigars?

i age my cigars in the cherry wood box that they came in but they should have already been aged before they were rolled! - - - - - If you have a good humidor, put them in the humidor and leave them for a year. Some serious aged-cigar lovers buy 150-quart Igloo coolers, glue spanish cedar to the inside of them, leave them open for a few months to get the smell of plastic and glue out, then age cigars in them.

How should cigars be stored?

In a humidor, a specially designed encasement for keeping cigars. It has constant humidity and uses a hygrometer to measure humidity levels.

Will cigars mold in aluminum tubes?

Possible. If you have kept them in a humidor, not in excess humidity they should be fine.

What are cigar accessories?

Cigar accessories could include a humidor to store your cigars , a variety of cigar-cutters , a lighter specifically designed for lighting a cigar and a case to carry a few cigars .

What kills mold on cigars?

Once you have mold you pretty much need to start over. Every cigar in the humidor will be affected. (infected) You could try leaving the humidor open for a week or so and giving it a light sanding and re-humidify it with out cigars for a week or two, then test it with some expendable cigars to see if it ruins them or not. Use a digital hygrometer and the crystal jars not the sponges with water. It make it easier to regulate and keep the mold away. If the humidor is a cheapy, I would toss it and start over.

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