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some guys never tell there wife and family unless they are planning to leave. If hes planning to leave in order not to hurt anyones feelings he shouldn't even say he has grl friend he should just say hes unhappy and wants out. But there is no awnser for how long it would take a guy to tell his family he has a grl friend.

IF your the grl friend and ur married boyfriend keeps telling you hes going to tell his family and is putting it off, chances are hes not going to. Decide for yourself ... if you still want to be with him regardless if he tels his family or not then u can take off any time limit and just be with him regardless maybe it will happen maybe it wont but in the mean time relax and keep your eyes open for someone else whos single and doesnt have to so much baggage.

If you will not be with him anymore unless he tells his family then give him an ultimateum. Set a date say to him if you don't tell your family by such and such date its over and u have to stick to it and mean it don't listen to his excuses.

Also think about this if he should leave his wife and kids to be w u, would you want to be with him for the rest of your life because you would owe him that for him leaving his family -and think about this could u really ever trust him. Think about wat he tells his wife to come and be with you ,, he prob says things like im goin to hang out w my friends or im working late and she believes him but you wont be able to. TRUST IS THE FOUNDATION OF ANY RELATIONSHIP WEN ITS BROKEN OR THERE IS NONE ITS NOT A RELATIONSHIP WORTH BEING IN.

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Q: How long does a guy usually take to tell his ex-wife and kids that he has a girlfriend?
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