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How long does a mice live?

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Mice live 1 to 2 years but can live more if properly taken care of

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How long do mice live?

Mice and rats live 2-4 years.

How long do white mice live?

mice live 1-2 years.

How long do mice live for?

Mice usually live 16-22 months.

How long do mice usually live?

Mice usually live for about 1.5 to 3 years.

How long do feeder mice live?

feeder mice will tend to live a maxium of 3 years. As long as you take great care of them.

How long do house mice live?

Pet mice can live from 2-3 years but can rarely live up to 5

How long dose a mice live?

A mice usually lives for about 16-22 months.

How long to mice live for?

1.5-2 years

Where do most mice live?

House mice live in your house, field mice live in fields, and woodland mice live in the woods

How long do field mice live?

2 to 4 years

How long do fancy mice live?

1 to 2 years.

How long does a wild mouse live?

Wild mice usually live about 6 months.

Do male mice live longer than female mice?

I think fancy mice live longer than other mice but female mice will not live longer than male mice.

Do mice live in the dessert?

Do mice live in deserts

Where in the world do mice live?

Mice live everywhere in the world that humans live.

Do mice live in Texas?

Yes, mice do live in Texas.

Do mice live in temperate forests?

There are mice that live in the forests.

Do mice live in couples?

No mice only live in couples if there are babies. If there are no babies then mice live most of the time on their own.

Do wild mice live alone or with other mice?

Mice live in colonies of anywhere from 2 to 100!

Where do country mice live?

Mice can live anywhere where humans live and they prefer to live in human's houses

Do mice live up to ten years?

generally mice only live 4-6 years but 7 is probably the maximum. Many mouses diets depend on how long they live.

What pets dont live for very long?

Goldfish,hamsters,mice and some birds

Which country do mice live in?

Mice of different species live in all countries.

What kind of mice do Long Eared Owls eat?

Long Eared Owls diet mainly consists of injurious rodents, that means it will eat whatever the species of mice or rats that live in their habitat

Do mice live in the taiga?

Yes they do. Mice are one of the organisms that live in a taiga biome.

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