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Forever, since it looks good on your report.

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What does settled mean on your credit report?

A credit report will show that an account is either active or settled. If the account is settled, it means that it has been paid and is closed.

What does it mean when an unpaid account is closed on your credit report?

that it has been closed by either you or the company- either way it shows as a negative in your report

Can 30-60 days late payment history be disputed or removed from your credit report after the account has been closed?


How long does a collector have to report that a collection account has been closed and or settled?

Typically these types of actions can be seen on your credit within 30-60 days. There are no laws or rules that requires a credit reporter to immediately post "closed" or "settled" to an individuals credit. Most just report data to the credit bureaus once monthly.

How to close an account that is showing open on your credit report?

If the account is still open, then contact the company that owns the account. If the account has been closed, then contact the bureau and dispute. The FCRA mandates penalties for those businesses which falsely report data when asked to correct it.

Why does credit information remain on your credit report even though the account has been closed for years?

It's all part of your credit history..the good the bad and the ugly. I longer history is generally good.

How do you find out about old accounts?

A great place to start is your credit report. It will generally list all credit accounts you have had - even if they have been closed - along with the name and address of the account holder.

Will it have a negative effect on the report if an account has been closed by the credit grantor because the card has never been used?

It may. I have heard rumors that the statement "closed by credit grantor" is considered negative and has an impact on credit scores. "Closed by consumer" is considered a positive and does not impact scores. This is unconfirmed and certainly not in writing outside of the scoring companies.

Should you re-open a previously closed credit card account?

No. If the account has been closed, you would need to re-apply if you wanted an account.

What is an open account listed on a credit report?

Open Account - account listed as "open" on your credit report are accounts that are open, includes all accounts that have been reported within the last 90 days.

Can you re-open a credit card once closed?

Credit card companies will not reopen a credit card account once it has been closed. The company will issue a new credit card and new account if it wishes to do business with the person.

What is the difference between 'paid' and 'closed' on a credit report?

The general rule is "paid" means the account has been, well, "paid." Closed means the account has been closed or written off by the original creditor. This could mean they gave it up as being uncollectable or they have sent it to a collection agency or sold it to a third party creditor.

Can you reopen a credit card that you closed?

Yes, you can request your issuing credit card company or bank to reopen your credit card that you closed. I did that with one of my credit cards. However, make sure that you had a good record on that particular closed account and that you check if all the balances have been paid before you closed the account in order not to ruin your credit history.

What does it mean on your credit report that says updated?

The/Your account is legitimate. Whatever has been reported to the credit bureau's it has been verified as valid.

How long does it take for credit card accounts to be closed if they have not been paid?

If a credit card account has an outstanding balance that is defaulted on, the account will not be closed. The account will be charged to profit and loss, or sent/sold/assigned to collections, either internal or external.

Reasons to Check Your Credit History Report?

Since banks rely so heavily on a borrower�s credit score, it is important that you check your credit history report on at least a semi-annual basis. � When checking your credit history report there are several thing that you should look out for.� One of the most important is to ensure that all of the accounts opened are legitimate.� While it is possible that an account could have been added to your report erroneously, there is a chance that the account could be a sign that someone stole your identity.� Because of this you should call the creditor immediately to have the account closed.�

Can you get a copy of old credit reports say 5 years old?

Most accounts that have been closed stay on your credit report for at least 7 years from the time it was closed out.

What happens to dividend miles after cancelling US Airways mastercard?

The miles should still be in the account as it is the credit card account and not the Frequent Flyer account that has been closed.

What point can you request a settlement on credit card debt?

Settlement usually occurs when the account is past due and has been closed. You can either try to settle with the credit card company, or the debt collector that the credit company sold the account to.

Can a credit collection agency pursue payment on an account that has been closed for 10 years?

Yes, there is no statute of limitations on debt.

How do you get accounts that have been closed for a long time removed from your credit report?

You get closed accounts removed from your credit report in the same manner as any other information. You write a letter of dispute to the creditor, or credit bureau, or both. The question is; why do you want closed accounts removed from your credit? If these accounts were paid as agreed, their appearance on your credit report is still offsetting any other information that appears there. I have clients with closed, 6-10 year old, accounts and active derogatory accounts that still have viable credit scores. Were they to challenge and have removed the closed accounts, they would have no score at all, which can be worse than having a low score. Keep in mind that your credit report, and the resulting credit score, is a history of how you have paid your bills in the last 7 to 10 years. You do not necessarily want that history to be empty.

Should points be added to a credit score if a closed account has been incorrectly reporting as delinquent for the past 5 years and has just been corrected?

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What is a credit report and what is a credit score?

A credit report is a list of your credit accounts with different creditors stating your payment history with them. A credit score is made up of different items on your credit report using an algorithm including payment history, credit length, debt to limit ratio, credit types, and inquiries.A FICO credit report has 5 components that are used to determine your credit score:Payment historyPercentage of available credit in useLength of time (how long each account has gone since the last action, and the age of each account has been open)Amount of new creditVariety of debt

How do you find out if an account has been turned over to a collection agency and what amount is owed?

When you check your credit report there are several sections, one is called collections account. You will be able to review collections account directly after judgements, if any are listed on your report.

If a person was sued many years ago for child support but recently the arrears were suspended by the court can this be removed from their credit report by going through a dispute process?

I believe credit accounts are not removied from your credit report unless they are not your accounts (fraud) to being with. The credit bureaus should be able to notate that the account has been suspended, cleared, or paid in full with regards to that account. You can also place a message of your own in your credit report that anyone can see when they pull your credit. Also, accounts are not deleted from your credit report until they run their course. It can be 7-10 years depending upon what type of collection account it is.