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It depends upon the laws of the state in which the crime was committed, if the offender has a previous criminal record and other contributing factors. It's possible that the person will get probation and community service and not real jail time.

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Q: How long does a person go to jail for breaking and entering or trespassing?
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Why did Sean Kingston go to jail?

breaking and entering

What is the sentence for breaking and entering in Virginia?

It a person commits the crime of breaking and entering in Virginia, their sentence can vary. They can pay a fine, got to jail, be put on probation, it all depends on the previous crimes, and the judge.

How much time will serve for charge breaking and entering in the state of Maryland?

It is important to follow the rules and laws set before the population. A person in Maryland can possibly serve from 3months to a year in jail for breaking and entering.

How long do you go to jail for breaking and entering if under age?

20 years

The maximum sentence for attempted breaking and entering in Ohio?

6 months in jail

How much jail time for breaking and entering in Virginia?

Depending on the circumstances, someone who breaks and enters a dwelling in Virginia could go to jail for up to 20 years. Simple breaking and entering is a misdemeanor, but doing so for the purpose of perform another crime is a felony. If the person is armed, it becomes a Class 2 felony.

If you break in a house and steal something and then give it back what happens?

You go to jail for breaking and entering with the intent to steal. Or the DA can get you with theft, breaking and entering which is a felony. It all depends on the DA.

How much is a fine for trespassing?

The fines for trespassing will depend on the state. However, they could range from $25 to $1000. A person could also face jail time.

How long do you stay in jail for trespassing?

Depends on the law where you are, and the sentence of the court. Here in Virginia, you CAN be sentenced to 12 months in jail for trespassing.

How long can you go to jail for breaking and entering?

Depending on what subject that was broken into up to 5 years

What type of punishment should you receive for breaking and entering a car?

that will get you at the least 3 years in jail.

Can a 13 year old go to jail for breaking in an old place?

No juveniles go to the county jail; however, if a juvenile were to commit the crime of "Breaking and Entering", they may be sentenced to a Juvenile Detention Facility.

For what was Sean Kingston sent to prison?

Breaking and entering at the age 11 he did 21 days in a jail bootcamp

How long does an 18 year old person go to jail for breaking and entering and stealing if he has gotten caught stealing before?

well more or less... you're done son...

If you have 4 charges of theft an you get a breaking an entering with theft how long will you go to jail for?

3 strikes=25-life

What is the jail time for domestic violence trespassing in Plymouth nc?

Domestic violence trespassing law in nc

Can you go to jail for trespassing if the person you went to see is on the lease?

Trespassing is usually a law varying state by state, or if you are in Canada then province by province. If you are able to provide a location then a more realisitic and factual answer can be given.

What is the consequence for trespassing in the UK?

Because trespassing is a civil offense, you would be fined or taken to jail for 1 night.

Is breaking out of jail illegal?

Yes, breaking out of jail is illegal.

What is the penalty for criminal trespassing in indiana?

The penalty for trespassing in Indiana depends on where you are. You may get a fine or you could possibly go to jail.

If jail breaking is illegal?

Yes jail breaking is very illegal.

How much is a criminal trespass fine in Pennsylvania?

A person may have to may up to $4,000 in fines for trespassing. A person may also receive jail time, as well.

When did Malcolm X get out of jail?

Malcom X went to prison in 1946 for larceny and breaking and entering. He was paroled from prison 1952 at the age of 26.

Is jail breaking legal?

Yes Jail breaking just recently became legal

What is the punishment in Arkansas if found guilty on criminal trespassing?

It depends on what type of criminal trespassing, if it is in a house no more than 60 days of jail. If it is not then no more than 30 days of jail. And no fine will be more than $500