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The amount of training hours needed to become a security guard are forty hours. You need eight hours prior to you job. Then sixteen the first thirty days, and then sixteen more the next six months.

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Q: How long does a person have to train in security to be come security guard?
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Tips About Becoming A Security Guard?

Working as a security guard is a rewarding career where you protect buildings, company premises and employees. To be hired as a security guard, in most states, you must pass a criminal background check and have a high school diploma or GED. Some security agencies offer security training and certification. State laws regarding security guards are different and you should check with your state's website to learn more. There isn't a requirement for educational qualification but it may help you break into the field by obtaining at least an associate's degree in criminal justice. There are two types of security guards, armed guards with a license and unarmed guards. Armed security guards must abide by their state requirements for carrying a gun. Security guard agencies are knowledgeable about your state's firearms training programs. You can talk with a security agency representative or go directly to your state's website for more information. Unarmed security guards go through a high level of training about surveillance techniques and security protection. The salaries for a security guard vary and depend on the level of experience, employer and the type of security provided. There are many job opportunities for a security guard. You can work in casinos, banks and private businesses. There are a wide range of industries that employ security guards. If you are working for a company during business hours, you will likely be monitoring the people who come and go by requiring them to sign in. You can also be responsible for video monitoring of specific areas of a building. Providing bank security is a demanding and rewarding responsibility. Most banks employ security guards through security agencies. Many security guards work with local law enforcement agencies to provide superior security protection to their clients. Working in security is a respected profession. If you work for an agency, you will receive the required training you need to do your job. The future of security guards look promising. As long as there is crime, there will be a need for security services. If you enjoy a high level of responsibility with a secure future, then working as a security guard is the key to your career path.

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