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It depends on how fast you heal for me it takes one month

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How long does it take for chickenporks to heal?

Chickenpox take roughly 2-3 weeks to heal, scab over and start to fade.

How long does a facial scab take to heal?

The healing time it takes for a scab on the face to heal depends on many factors including the length and depth of the wound. Most facial scabs take anywhere from 3-10 days to heal.

What are cool or facts about scabs?

FACTS ON SCABSIt takes about a week or two to heal a scab.If you pick your scab you undo all the repair.It will take longer to heal if you pick your scab.If you pick your scab then you might get a scar.

How long does it take for a facial scab to heal?

it comes off about in 5 days then turns pink. put neosporin on it everyday or Vaseline it may take a few weeks but if you treat it with what i tell you to put on it it will heal 25% faster than an untreated scab. GOOD LUCK!! i have the same problem

Do herpes sores all scab up eventually?

Yes they scab over then stsart to heal. Break outs usually take any where from 1-4 weeks to heal depending on how sever they are. If you have one and it's taking a long time to heal, you may want to see a doctor and get treatment.

How long does it take for a scab to heal?

Around 2 weeks if you treat it with antiseptic, skin healing cream. Savilon? i think you call it that - This works

How long does it take for a scab to go away?

It depends on the size, depth and condition of the scab. Scabs remain in place to protect the healing skin as cells develop and nerves are reconnected. The purpose of the scab is to act like a shield to prevent infection and further damage to vulnerable tissue, nerves and blood vessels. That scab may be unattractive, but its purpose is valuable and necessary.A shallow, surface wound with an average scar will take between one and two weeks to heal. However, there are several factors that will determine the length of time it will take for a scab to heal up.Has the Scab Been Disturbed?Every time you disturb or remove a scab, you add time to the healing process. It's best to leave scab removal to Mother Nature; the scab will fall off when it is good and ready. If you remove a scab before it is ready, you risk infection and you prolong the healing process.How Deep or Wide is the Wound?If the wound is deep or wide, you will notice the scab taking a longer time to heal.Is the Tissue Beneath the Scab Infected?Infection can delay the healing and falling off of a scab. Once the infection has cleared up, the final healing of the tissue under the scab can finish. As long as the tissue is infected, the scab will hang on, trying to protect the tissue from further damage.To quickly heal a scab, apply triple antibiotic ointment with a topical analgesic. The ointment will keep the scab soft and moist, the antibiotic will prevent infection and the analgesic will stop the scab from itching, prompting you to disturb it. Cover the scab with a bandage if possible.

What could be the reason that a scab on my scalp will not heal?

There could be many reasons that a scab on your scalp will not heal. It could be very infected for example.

How long does it take for a small carving on the skin to heal it hasn't bled but you can see the new skin underneath?

after a couple of days it should scab over then after another week or so it should heal completely

How do you heal scab on scalp?

The way to heal a scab on the scalp of a person's head depends on the size, and what caused the injury. A smaller scab could be healed by using peroxide. A large scab may need to be looked at by a doctor to determine the best treatment.

How does skin heal from a minor wound?

A scab will form to close the wound so your body can heal. Then once it has healed the scab will eventually go away.

Do cuts take longer to heal if you peel the scab?

Yes. The healing process that is going on underneath the scab is disrupted when it is pulled off. This essentially reopens the wound. There might be a greater chance of scarring if the scab is removed, as well.

If you cut the inside of your nose while using a nose trimmer and got a scab how long will it take to heal?

get an ear swab and put some anti biotics on it. then gently place it within your nose and wipe it. do this every day and it will heal

How do you heal a face scab overnight?

count to potato...

How can you get a scab off your head?

Only with time. It will fall off. If you pick it off, it will bleed, and then it will take longer to heal.

How long does it take or a artery to heal?

How long does it take for an artery to heal after a mild stroke.

How long will it take to heal a butterflies wing?

How long does it take to heal a butterfly wing

How long does it take for a broken pelvis to heal?

how long does it take a broken pelvis to heal

What if your hamster has a scab on her nose?

Your hamster probably scraped herself on something sharp in her cage. I wouldn't worry too much about it for it should heal in a few days or so. But if the scab doesn't start to heal, then take you hamster to a vet and the vet will give you treatment for it.

How do cuts heal?

cuts heal by pushed togethr to make a scab and all better yey

How long does it take for chickenpox to scab over?

Chickenpox will last for about two weeks before they start to scab over.

How long does it take a scrape to scab over?

Not that long....why do YOU care? You're sick.

What job do platelets cells do?

I think that it helps heal a scab.

How do you help heal an acne scab heal within 24 hours?

I have been having my scab for almost a month in a half and it was after acne but keep washing your face don't peal it and put Vaseline on it

How long does a greenstick fracture take to heal?

A very long time to heal.

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