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Generally such a judgment will remain on a credit report for seven years. Some judgments are renewable, state laws determine which ones.

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How do you get a civil judgment removed from credit report and how do you fight the debt collector when they told you they would not take you to court but they brought a default judgment against you?

I have a civil judgment against me and the mobile home wasn't in my name. It is showing up on my credit report. How do I dispute it?

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in New Jersey?

How long does a civil judgement in New Jersey stay on your credit report?

How does the winning plaintiff have a judgment entered on the defendant's credit report?

Plaintiff's do not enter a judgment on the defendant/debtor's credit report. Private agencies research court records and report civil lawsuit judgments that have been entered against a debtor to the credit bureaus.

How is a civil judgment entered on a credit report?

Credit bureaus contract agencies to search public records. The judgment is then reported to the credit bureau and the notation is placed in the file of the judgment debtor. False/mistaken judgment entries on credit reports are not uncommon and is a major reason why consumer's should check their report on a regular basis. A civil judgment is entered on a credit report 15 to 30 days after a court proceeding. If the judgment is in fact true in nature, you can negotiate with the creditor to pay them on different terms to keep the judgment off. If the judgment is not yours, you will need to find the state and county in which they were filed and dispute this information with all three credit bureaus.

Can a civil judgment from 14 years ago be refiled and reentered on a credit report in Florida?

Yes, if the judgment was renewed before the expiration date.

How long will a civil judgment stay on a credit report in Kentucky?

depend on when you paid it and from that date 7 years.

How long will a civil judgment stay on a credit report in the state of NY?

In NY State it will stay on your credit report for 5 years from the date filed. Most states are 7.

Can a civil judgment be removed from credit report?

AnswerIf it was true and accurate, no. maybeThat is often state dependant, but you should be able to have it removed once the debt is paid. If it is not paid yet, it is considered outstanding debt, and will stay on your credit report. No a valid judgment will remain 7 years or indefinitely if the judgment creditor chooses to renew it.If a judgment is paid or settled the entry will reflect such, but the judgment will still remain on the CR for a minimum of 7 years.YesOnly the court or the credit bureaus can remove judgments on your credit report. You can dispute anything on your credit report to the credit bureaus that you believe to be inaccurate or erroneous.

Will a civil judgment of 400 dollars from Radio Shack on your credit report from 1998 go away after seven years?

It is supposed to be removed from your report, unless the judgment was rendered for a longer period of time Or if the judgment is renewed (which is not too likely).

How do you get a judgment taken off your credit report?


How long does a civil judgment for Arizona stay on your record?

Seven years, but most judgments are renewable and can be reentered on the credit report at the time of renewal.

If a civil court judgment for collection is on your credit report and you have written documentation that debt was dismissed does that mean that the item can be removed from your credit file?

Yes, you must send the judgment to all three credit reporting agencies, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. You can get there addresses of line by searching "credit reporting agencies".

How long do civil judgments stay on credit report in tx?

Civil judgments can appear on your credit report 7 years from the date they were filed.

Can you get an apartment with a civil judgment?

There is no reason to disclose a civil judgment to a rent an apartment, unless it affected your credit rating or it was asked by the leaser.

Is it a criminal charge for not paying a balance owed?

No. It is not. There is no such thing as a debtor prison in the U.S. You might get sued in a civil court and have a judgment put on your credit report which will negatively affect your ability to obtain credit. But you won't go to jail or get arrested if you don't pay your balance. No. It is not. There is no such thing as a debtor prison in the U.S. You might get sued in a civil court and have a judgment put on your credit report which will negatively affect your ability to obtain credit. But you won't go to jail or get arrested if you don't pay your balance.

What happens when you have a judgment but it doesn't show up on credit reports?

Nothing until that judgment hits the credit report. Many municipalities where civil judgments are given take a great deal of time to report the judgment to the credit bureaus. However, the lender has been reporting the progress throughout the process, so there will be negative information on the credit report associated with the judgment even if that judgment has not yet been recorded. Due to the recent credit-related legislation, existing creditors will not be able to change their pricing or ask you to pay off everything that you own as a result of the judgment appearing on your credit report. But, if you seek and get credit but the judgment was shown to have occurred prior to being granted that credit and the lender can show that they would not have given you credit had they known about the judgment, the lender IS allowed to seek full payment immediately, regardless of the type of credit or length of contract. The best advice is to avoid applying for big-ticket loans (specifically mortgages, auto loans and personal loans) until the judgment has been on your record for two (2) years. After two (2) years, the negative impact of that judgment will lighten (assuming you make all of your payments to other creditors on time) and you may qualify for large loans again.

How long does a civil judgment stay on your credit in Arizona?

7 Years

How do you remove a civil judgment that has been released by the courts from your credit report especially when the original debt was included in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You need to get the release from the courts and send it to the credit reporting agency to ask for it to be removed.

If your credit report shows a judgment without any information to verify or make a payment can you successfully dispute it?

The reporting bureaus should have contact information. Contact the bureaus.You can dispute anything you want to on your credit report. It's your federal, civil, consumer right. Whether you will be successful or not is up to you and the credit bureaus.

How long does a judgment stay on your credit report in florida?

Depends on how it was filed, but the judgment itself is valid a minimum of 5 years once it is awarded. Details can be found at The length of time a judgment may show on your credit report is established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a federal law. FCRA 15 USC 1681c, Sec. 605, reads: "(a) Information excluded from consumer reports...(2) civil judgments...that from date of entry, antedate the report by more than seven years or until the governing statute of limiations has expired, whichever is the longer period." Certain states allow a judgment to be renewed. In Florida, a judgment is valid for 20 yeas, but must be re-recorded after the first 10 years. The re-recording could possibly trigger the judgment to appear on a consumers credit report.

If your husband has a civil judgment on his credit report and it stays on your credit file for 7 years but if it has not been satisfied what happens when the seven years has been completed?

Depending on the state you live in, judgments can be renewed. If the person entitled to the judgment doesn't try to collect or renew, when the judgment expires, you should probably contact your court clerk to find out how to get it removed from all records.

What is a judgment in personal finance?

When a person is taken to civil court (for example, a credit card company suing a cardholder to get paid back), the court makes a judgment for or against the plaintiff (entity initiating the lawsuit, in this example, the credit card company). If the judgment is for the plaintiff, the result is effectively a judgment against the defendant (the person taken to court in the example). Part of the judgment is the amount that is to be paid to the entity winning the court case (judgment). Judgements against a borrower (and the amount set to be paid by that borrower) will make their way onto the credit report and will cause a drop in credit score.

How can you find out if you have a judgment against you?

You can check your local civil court clerk's index and land recorder's office for any recorded documents, but the easiest way is to contact one of the major credit bureaus and get a copy of your credit report. They are Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Try or for information on how to get a copy of your report. If you have been turned down for credit recently, the report should be free.

Will a civil judgment show up on your criminal background check?

No, but it will appear on a credit check.

What should I do if a judgment shows on my credit report that has already been settle?

Anytime a consumer has a legal item in the "public records" portion of their credit report, the item must have its' proper disposition. For a judgment this is either a Satisfaction of Judgment or an Order to Vacate Judgment (dismissal). Depending upon your state's laws and rules of civil procedure, you may be able to request the judgment be vacated. If the time limit has expired for you to make that request, your next option would be to show proof to the court that the judgment was paid. Take whatever legal steps are needed to obtain a Satisfaction. The steps will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You should be able to contact the Clerk of Courts for information on the procedure and fees. Have the disposition recorded at the same courthouse the original action was filed at. Send a copy of the Satisfaction to all credit reporting agencies. A satisfied judgment is still considered a derogatory and will continue to impact your credit. But having the disposition showing will no longer hinder your efforts to borrow, provided your credit passses in all other respects. A vacated judgment should be removed from your credit report completely.