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You should deliver the car to the dealership when the bankruptcy is signed. Clean it up and deliver it in good shape. Ask for a receipt.

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Q: How long does a the car dealer have to take car after bankruptcy?
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How long does it take for a car dealer to sell a car on average?

3 weeks for a used car

If you file bankruptcy can they take the car?


Can a dealer sell you a car if you are in bankruptcy?

If you are in the process of a bankruptcy, it is not likely that you would be able to secure a loan. If you are paying cash, and the court learns of the sizable asset, your bankruptcy may be vacated, or you may be required to surrender the vehicle. If the bankruptcy is resolved, there is nothing other than the dealer's and lender's personal judgments that would stop them from selling the car to you.

What if happens if you cosigned for car loan and the borrower files for bankruptcy?

if the consigner files bankruptcy can the borrower take the car

If you pay cash for a car and both parties sign the contract can the car dealer take the car?

The car dealer cannot take the car if it is paid for according to the contract. The dealer cannot change their mind and take back the car after the contract is signed and money has been exchanged.

When will the bank come and take your car after your bankruptcy is final?

yes they will.

Is there a way to find out how much a car dealer got for a trade in?

you paid the dealer to take your car intrade and then the dealer got book for your trade

You are filing for bankruptcy and the car is in your name only for insurance purposes and you use it to take your disabled mother about Can it be taken in bankruptcy?


How long can a buy here pay here dealer hold your car after repo?

A car dealer can hold a repo as long as he is the lien holder on the title.

Can a car dealer sell a car to a person that does not have a job? long as you have the money (or the credit), a dealer can sell you the car, regardless as to whether or not you have a job.

Will a car dealer sell a car if there is no title on the trade in car?

They will not take the no title car on trade.

Can a car be repossessed if involved in bankruptcy?

Depending on your state... a car that is included in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cannot be repossed. The Bankruptcy laws protect you from repossession. Just as long as you are in Chapter 13 and are making payments to the Trustee, your car cannot be repossessed.

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