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How long does an earthquake last?

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An earthquake last about 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
How long earthquakes last vary every time. The average is about 15 seconds.

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How many minutes does an earthquake last?

about five to ten minute is long long an average earthquake lasts.

How long did the 1960 earthquake in chilean last?

The earthquake lasted for 3 minutes

How long did the Chile earthquake last?

The earthquake in Chile lasted 10 minutes

How long did the Murchison on earthquake last?

as long as Allah willed it to be!

How long did the anchorage earthquake last?

it last nearly for four minutes

How long was the last romania'n earthquake?

The earthquake from 4 March 1977: 56 seconds.

How long did Kobe earthquake last?

20 seconds

How long did the 921 earthquake in Taiwan last?

what kind of answer is that!

How long did the kasmir earthquake last?

2 minutes

How long did the armenia earthquake last?

25 seconds

How long did the tangshan earthquake last?

14 to 16sec

How long did koryakia earthquake last?

3 miles

How long did the tohoku earthquake last?

2 minutes

How long did earthquake in L'aquila last?

about 2 min

How Long Did the BAM Earthquake Last?

for about 8 seconds

If it is a small earthquake how long will it last?

It depends. Some may last long and some may last short time.

How long does an earthquakde usually last?

Normally, an earthquake will last for about 3 minutes.

How long did japans earthquake last?

The earthquake began at 5:46 and it lasted for 20 seconds.

How long did the 2010 Chile earthquake last?

The 2010 Chilean earthquake lasted 90 seconds.

How long did the 2010 Haitian earthquake last?

As i know,the earthquake lasted 15-30 seconds.

How long did the Japanese earthquake last for?

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 was reported to last 6 minutes.

How long did the 1970 Peru earthquake last for?

about 45 seconds

How long was the 1970 earthquake in Peru last?

About 45 seconds

How long did the northridge earthquake last?

10-20 seconds

How long did the 1923 Tokyo earthquake last?

18 years.