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An Unlawful Detainer lasts on your credit report for 7 years in CA. CA Civil Code Section 1785.13(a)(7). is a good site if you need reference to the code.

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Q: How long does an unlawful detainer stay on your record in California?
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How long in Mn does a unlawful detainer stay on your record?

7 Years unless you and your landlord has come to an agreement to exponge the unlawful detainer either before the judge or in written document.

How long in va does a unlawful detainer stay on your record?

Till you pay up the money you owe in full...

What happens to the unlawful detainer summons if you already vacated the house long before the unlawful detainer was filed in court?

My guess is that it would be mute. Nothing.

How long after an unlawful detainer do you have to move?

5 Calendar Days from the day it was Served.

How long does a person whom have been charge for unlawful wounding record to be expunged?

The amount of time for a persons record to be expunged for unlawful wounding will depend on the laws of the city/state in which they live. An attorney can ask a judge to expunge the record in a court filing.

How long does a felony stay on your record in california?


How long does a criminal record stay in your record in California?

Forever, unless expunged or sealed by court

How long does a felony stay on your record in the state of California and get a free background check?

a felony can be expunged from your record

How long will a misdemeanor theft charge remain on your record in California?


After your house is foreclosed how long legally do you have to vacate IN CALIFORNIA?

You have rights as a Tenant and/or Former HomeownerIf Only 3-Day Notice to Vacate is posted you can delay the eviction a minimum of 6 months, up to 12 months. If the Unlawful Detainer has been issued, you can delay the eviction a minimum of 4 months, up to 8 months.My house was foreclosed on 6 months ago and I'm still in the property now. I went through a company in Santa Ana California.

How long do the jail have to transport inmate on an interstate detainer?

About 30 days from the end of sentence.

How long does it take for an accident to come off your record in California?

3 years

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