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As soon as you bleed it has gone. that is a withdrawal bleed, meaning the hormones are out of your system. However they may have depressed your own hormone production which may take a while to get back to normal.

Less than three days.

It stays in your system for 3 months.

it only lasts for like 12 hours anyway

i have heard up to 6 months and i have heard the day you stop taking it. it really all depends on how fast your body gets back into the rythem of ovulating and being regular. i started ovulating the month i stopped taking mine. i have always been regular 28 day cycle and ovulate on the 14th day. so it just depends on you. everyone is different!!!

No longer than it would stay in someone's system that's been taking it for 6 months. You should become fertile within a fairly short amount of time after going off of the pill, a few weeks at most.

From what I have been reading on this site and others, it seems that it takes approximately two weeks to a month for all of the Birth Control hormones to leave your system.

I was taking the pill for 3 years. I was off the pill for not even a month and I became pregnant. It could also depend on your body as well.

Birth control pills will stay in your system for 3 months.

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Q: How long does birth control stay in your system?
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How long does birth control Ring stay in your system once you have stopped taking it?

In a year

How long does birth control month to month shot stay in system?

For a month and maybe a few days.

How long does birth control stay in your system if you were on it for only 1 month?

It's out of your system that day. That's why you were supposed to take it daily.

How long can you stay on the birth control patch?

You can stay on the birth control patch for as long as you want to prevent pregnancy. There is no time limit if there is no change in your health history.

How many years can teenagers use birth control pills?

You can stay on birth control for as long as you want. I

If you stop taking depo and start taking the pill how long will it stay in your system?

The birth control pill does not change how long depo provera stays in your system, and doesn't get it out of your system faster.

How long should you stay on birth control while trying to get pregnant?

You should't be taking birth control if you are trying to get pregnant

How long does contraception pill stay in system?

Birth control will stay in the system for 3 months upon stopping the pill. However it will not protect you against pregnancy during this time - it will simply affect your menstrual cycle.

What happens when you stay on your period too long?

Get checked for anemia or get put on birth control

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Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

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