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How long does brain surgery take for removing a blood clot?

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There is no time limit for such surgery. It could be 3 - 8 hours (generally no more than 8 hours.) It depends where the blood clot is and how difficult it is to contain.

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How will it impact a brain surgery to remove clot?

My uncle has a blood clot on his brain he is 68 yrs old what Canberra done for him

If a person is 82 years old and cannot have surgery after a brain injury to remove a blood clot that is stable and little increasing which are alternative therapies to remove blood in the brain?

If surgery to remove the clot is out of the question, the patient will have to wait for his/her brain to heal on its own.

What can result from a blood clot in the auditory cortex?

A blood clot in any part of the brain can result in a stroke. It may also cause local damage, reducing or removing the ability to hear properly.

Can a blood clot in your cheek be removed and is a blood clot in your cheek life threatening?

A blood clot in your cheek is life threatening and you would have to have surgery for the clot to be removed.

What is blood clot on the brain?


Chances of survival after brain surgery with blood clots?

I like to know, My friend he has a blood clot in his brain for 7 years. Now has alot of headache and some fever. If he do a surgery the percentage for survival ( how high) please let me know. Thanks

How do you treat a blood clot?

They have to go in and remove it by surgery and after you will get meds so your blood wont clot so easily.

Is a blood clot on the brain often makes a person unconscious and give severe headache?

my father is suffring from blood clot in brain.he is semi will he recover from this stage. is there any medicine for that blood clot in brain?

Can a blood clot kill you?

Yes a blood clot can kill you if it lodges in arteries feeding the heart or brain.

Brain blood clot removal methods?

is it possible to remove a blood clot through a eye socket

Can a blood clot go from your lung to your brain?

No! No!

How do you know if there is a blood clot on your brain?

You wouldn't.

Risks of blood clot in brain?

A blood clot in the brain can cause a TIA, or transient ischemic attack, which causes a non-permanent loss of blood supply and oxygen to an area of the brain. Blood clots in the brain also cause stroke. If not corrected quickly, permanent brain damage will result. Clot "busters" are used to break up the clot and restore blood flow. If you suspect a stroke or TIA it is best to get to an ER.

Why do people get strokes?

People have a stroke when a blood clot forms in an artery. When the blood clot travels to your brain, that is when you have a stroke.

Can a fall after knee surgery cause a Blood Clot?

It is possible.

How much is cost of head blood clot surgery?


Is a blood clot on the brain life threatening?


A blood clot circulating in the blood stream is called?

A circulating blood clot is called an embolism and is extremely dangerous, particularly to the brain and lungs.

How does a heparin drip prevent an existing blood clot from breaking off and traveling to lungs heart brain etc?

A heparin drip is used to prevent the blood from clotting. If there is an existing clot heparin will thin the blood, and prevent the clot from traveling to the lungs or brain.

What is a blood cloth in the vessels leading to the brain?

A blood clot in the vessels leading to the brain is a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), a stroke, or a cerebral thrombosis. Such a clot can block oxygen provision to the brain and cause permanent damage.

Contusions are a bruising of the brain or nerves that may cause a blood clot in the brain?


Is Contusions are a brusing of the brain or nerves that may cause a blood clot in the brain?


Damage to the brain due to a hemorrhage or blood clot?


What is craniotomy performed?

It is the most commonly performed surgery for brain tumor removal. It also may be done to remove a blood clot (hematoma), to control hemorrhage from a weak, leaking blood vessel.

What does 18 mean for a blood clot in brain?

Well if you mean you are age 18 and have a blood clot, it could mean many things. It all depends on the type of clot you have. I'm two weeks shy of 18 and doctors just found a blood clot in my brian. Because it's in a vein on the outside, I don't even need surgery to treat it, just blood thinners. So ultimately, it's not common at this age, but the type of clot it is will determine the danger level and how it will need to be treated.