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They must return personal belongings as long as you pick them up in a timely manner and since it has been repo'd they can't charge you anything for storage, its not your car anymore


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I live in MI. here you can get your personal stuff from your car anytime during storage. my learned opinion is that the dealer lost the stuff or it got stolen. in either case you will probably have to sue. In MI you can sue in small claims court and don't need a lawyer, however you will have to document (prove) what you lost - witnesses, pics, etc. I've known of people who have stood out in front of (on public property) dealerships with big signs giving them a bad image to get them to settle their claim. hope this helps. Why did you pay the fee and not get your personal property back?

Property Dealer, Property Consultant and Property Agent.

if they get a green card or from a shady dealer of property

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No the auctual auction does not charge tax, they get a fee of the total price, but once a dealer sells that car that dealer has to pay taxes on that vehicle.

He can charge you anything you allow him to charge. If you feel you are getting ripped off just walk away. You control this and do not allow the dealer to pressure you into some deal you know is not right.

at no charge, the dealer can give it to you or do it

If you are out of warranty, yes. The dealer does not have to provide free estimates.

If it has recalls you can take it to a new car dealer for that make and have the recalls completed at no charge.

There is usually not a cost difference between the provider and the dealer. Check both places before placing an order. Yes, a cell phone dealer will charge more than a cell provider. This is because with a cell provider you will likely sign or be on a contract with them where they will make the full price of the phone eventually.

They charge the car services and the replacements of the parts of a car. It depends on the car, the type of service (major, minor, periodical) and whether the service is being done by a main dealer or not.

the manufactures initial charge to the dealer

This question really has a variant of answers. It depends on your John Deere dealer. Some will charge a restocking fee on items, especially parts, to cover the cost of returning those unused parts. Some won't charge for return parts, so you just need to contact your dealer.

A dealer can charge a restocking fee if a truck is driven off the car lot, and returned within a few hours or a few days. Actually, $250.00 is cheaper than most car or truck dealers would charge for this service.

if you ask for it. and should repair free of charge.

Avon is a personal brand. If you have loyalty with your Avon dealer then you will have a more personal experience getting it from her.

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The Honda dealer has a proceedure for that at no charge.

Yes, if you pay your car payment at a car dealers office they will charge a late fee. Anytime a payment is late, the dealer has a tight to charge late fees.

It doesnt matter what the dealer charges for the plugs, its what he is going to find broke and ream you out for that other stuff.

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