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If kept tightly sealed and refrigerated it will keep for a long time, probably at least 6 months. If not refrigerated (but well sealed) it should be fine for a month or two. If it is clear and does not smell rancid, it is probably fine (assuming it is less than 6 months old) . Oil exposed to air will turn rancid rapidly - in a few days or less. In any case, it should at least be kept in a cool, dark, place. (Refrigerated oil may appear cloudy until warmed up - that's OK. I started refrigerating mine a year or two, and it has dramatically extended the lifetime of the oil as described.)


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Well sealed, it will last for years.

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corn oil is made out of germ of corn.

Not really. Corn syrup is a sweetner, and it is produced after corn oil is removed from the corn. Corn or vegetable oil is actually oil, and it is different from sugars.

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Corn oil is a type of oil like vegetable oil. Corn syrup is a very sweet liquid similar to maple syrup.

As long as it stays frozen- up to 2 years.

Corn oil comes from the corn kernels themselves.

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you can use corn oil for your pastries but they will turn out tasting bitter. you can use corn oil for your pastries but they will turn out tasting bitter.

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