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approx. detection time is 1-3 days but swab saliva tests doesn't have a nationally accepted standards or cutoff concentrations and if you smoke it stay for longer (then if you snort it) so 3-5 days , to be safe.

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How long does crack stay in saliva?

5m hours

When was crack cocaine first used?

langth crack stay in you

How long will crack stay in the system?

Crack is a salt of cocaine, for purposes of urinalysis, it will USUALLY be out of your system within 48-72 hours. If you smoke crack all the time, it could remain in your system as long as a week.

How long does crack stay in sytem?

Cocaine (including crack) is usually detectable for 2-3 days after a single use, and longer for frequent or heavy use.

How long does crack stay in your system when you are pregnant?

When you are pregnant, crack cocaine stays in your system as long as it does when you are not pregnant. Typically, crack stays in your system approximately 3 days. However, the effects on your unborn baby may be permanent damage.

How long does cocaine stay in placenta?

Donโ€™t sniff when your pregnant U rat

How long does crack stay in your hair?

It depends how long you smoked crack

How long dose cocain stay in your system?

How long does cocaine stay in your system?

How long do pills stay in your saliva?

they don't.

How long does coicaine stay in your body?

Cocaine will stay in your system for a minimum of 3 days. You will not feel the effects for this long, however. Cocaine is an illegal substance.

How long does saliva stay alive for in the vagina?

Saliva isn't alive.

How long does ice stay in your saliva?

1 minute

How long does maraijuana stay in saliva?

about a month, bruhhh.

How long can marijuana stay detectable in your saliva?


How long does dog saliva stay in your system?

I must ask how would a dog's saliva get in your system

How long does cocaine stay in your systme?

72 hours

How long will cocain stay in your urine after use?

Cocaine can stay in your urine after use for up to 48 hours. There are tests that will detect cocaine even long after you have stopped using it.

How long does alcohol stay in the saliva?

till you are still drunk

How long does THC stay in your saliva?

On average for about 3 days

How long do opiates stay in your saliva?

2-3 days

How long does methamphetamine stay in your saliva?

1-4 days

How long can marijuana resin stay in your saliva?

3 weeks

How long does cotinine stay in you saliva?

Cotinine stays in your system and in your saliva for about one full week. It does however stay in your hair follicles for much longer.

How long does Xanax stay in saliva?

The drug Xanax does not stay in the saliva for more than 12 hours. If taking a saliva drug test the drug would not be detectable after 12-24 hours.

How long does cocaine stay in your sperm?

3<6 months