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Depends on how many times you wash your hair.

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Q: How long does demi perminant dye last in blonde hair?
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How long does semi-perminant hairdye last?

Semi permenant hair dye lasts up to 24 washes/shampoos :}

How long does demi hair color last?

Demi permanent color can last up to 24 shampoos, or 2-3 months, depending upon how often the hair is shampooed.

How long does kool aid hair dye last in blonde hair?

it lasts for a month or so :)

What is Adele's hair coulor?

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What coulor is adeles hair?

It's blonde. But last year it was brown :)

Is semi permanent hair dye just like demi permanent but it last longer?

Demi permanent lasts longer

I have dirty blonde hair and I am going to get the tips of my hair dyed bleach blonde and streaks in my bangs at a professional salon how long will this last?

When you bleach your hair, you are stripping all the colour out of it. There's no way for the color to come back in, therefore, it will last forever. (or atleast until you cut it off.)

Does hair return to its natural color after using demi-permanent dye?

Yes it should. A Demi permanent hair color contain little ammonia and are made to only deposit color or add tone to the hair. It last for about 4 to 6 weeks.

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How long does demi permanent hair color last?

Demi-permanent hair color typically lasts 24-25 shampoos, so if you wash your hair everyday, about a month. This can vary according to the products you use (some shampoos can help preserve color).

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