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How long does dog food last for?

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How long does dog food last?

it depends on how big the dog is.

How long will one bag of dog food last you?

It depends on how much your dog eats and how big the bag is.

how long can my dog last in the world?

no one knows

How much does dog food cost?

This depends on the size and quality of the dog and the food. A standard 30 pound bag of good quality dog food will cost an average of 50 dollars. This also depends on the size of your dog, small dogs this will last you a very long time, large dog this will not last you too long. The benefit of a higher quality diet is that you will beable to feed much less and will supply them with more nutrients.

How long would 4 lbs of dog food last a Doberman?

Not very long - probably less than 3 days.

Food allergies last how long?

For as long as they last.

How long can a dog last with out any food to eat?

It could probably last a few weeks but please if you have a dog do not stop feeding, while the dog will not die immediately, it will get very hungry and hunger hurts. If you can no longer afford to feed your dog then ask for help with feeding it.

How many cups of dog food are in a 30lbs of blue dog food?

A 30lb bag of Blue Buffalo Dog Food will last for about 60 cups.. 1lb = 2 cups approx.

Do some dogs have magets?

They can get maggots if you leave their dog food out too long in the summer. Flies can get in your house and lay eggs in you dog`s dog food the larvae ffeed on the dog food.

How long does the dog wheelchair training program last?

for a long time

How long does a Utah food handler's permit last?

how long does a utah food handlers permit last entil it expires

Where can a person buy organic dog food in Long Beach?

Pet Co in Long Beach is the only nearby retailer that currently carries organic dog food. It is much more expensive than their normal dog food.

How long does a dog leash last an owner?


How long does the period last for a dog?

3 weeks

Is dry food or wet food better for a puppy?

dry food has a chance of your dog choking but can last longer but wet food if it sits to long if is meat there Will be maggots other things wet will probably attract roaches or ants

How long does pregnancy on a dog last?

A dog may be pregnant 58-62 days.

How long will your dog food last?

Until your dog eats it all. 1. Read the feeding directions on the bag. 2. Find out how much you will have to feed your dog every day based on your dog's weight. 3 Divide the amount in the bag by the amount you will feed your dog each day. The result is the number of days your dog food should last. Example: 100 pound dog, feed 4 cups twice a day, or 8 cups. The bag is 40 lbs. One pound of dry dog food averages about 2.5 cups. 8 / 2.5 = 3.2 pounds of food a day. 40 / 3.2 = 12.5 days of food.

How Long Does The Rottwieler Live?

it depends on the dog food you give them like pedigree it could have them last for 13 years or longer but it depends on how you treat them too

How long does the inflammation from a bee sting last in a dog?

Not sure if asking how big a sting can get or how long it can last. A sting is just like on a human as on a dog. The sting can last up to a week before it goes away. The swelling can last up to 4 to 5 days depending where the sting is on the dog.

How long can a dog sledding race last?

It can last as long as the people want it to, or until the dogs or the racers themselves die.

How long should a dog feed the puppies?

For about 7-8 weeks but in between have them try soft dog food if you do not have it poor some water into normal dog food.

How long do dog pregnancy's last?

9 weeks on average.

How long does dog mating last?

sometimes half an hour

How long does dog training school last?

About half a year

How long do pregnant Chihuahua dog last?

63 days