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How long does it take a cargo ship to travel from Germany to California US?


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how long does it take a caego ship to travel from Germany to Los Angeles, CA., United States

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The flight from California to Germany is 12 hours long.

how long it take cargo ship to travel from jamaica to new york

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It takes 3 days for a cargo ship to travel from Miami, Fl to Haiti

depends on the speed of the cargo ship. time taken = distance/speed.

Well it all depends from where you are flying in USA. If you were to fly from California, it would take you about 12 hours to get to Germany and then from Germany to Gree about 2 hours

it takes around 36 days and 43000 hours for a large cargo ship to travel from its presents at the Uk to reach its destination which in this case would be Virginia.

It depends on the point at which you begin your travel in Kansas, and the point at which you end your travel in California, as well as your method of travel (car, bus, train, plane) and your speed of travel.

It takes two weeks to one month to travel from China to the USA with a cargo ship. But alternatively you can also hire a tour agency like "USA Travel Online" for the China to the USA tour.

adam piercy knows all the flips and tricks. ;)

four hours and 25 mins is the record to date.

It takes a cargo ship approximately 8 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes to travel from Shanghai, China to Felixstowe, England. The trip covers 5,659 miles.

A Boeing 737 fully loaded with fuel and passengers and cargo can travel 4,444 nm.

Forex Cargo is a Philippine based logistics company that was founded in 1983. It has expanded to other places such as the United Kingdom and it has also expanded to California.

If you are talking about Sacramento, California, there is no way to get there from Germany by train. There is an ocean in between!

It would take minimum 12 hours to travel from Atlantic to Pacific by crossing Panama Canal.

By kayak, it would take about 35 days to travel from California to Japan. It takes 80 days by sail boat.

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