How long does it take a hamster to have a baby?

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2012-08-21 01:07:52

it will take about 1-2 weeks. hamsters can give birth at about 4

weeks old also some tips for when you have a pregnant hamster (

this is not my answer i got it from a website by another person)

:Move your 'soon to be mother' to a aquarium. Bigger the better.

But just a 15 gallon tank would do. Remove all levels and the

wheel. You don't want her hurting herself or the babies. Put extra

bedding in. Put some tissue in there for her to make a nest. When

she is very close to birth. Clean her cage. You wont be allowed to

clean the cage for weeks! Give her extra food like apples boiled

eggs, other fruits and veggies. Just make them fresh. very


Just read this....it


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