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It can take years,depending on their age.I'd fix a nest box to put in their cage.Sometimes that will help encourage them.Just be patient.

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How do you keep a parakeet eggs from hatching without the female parakeet there by its side?

not sure what you are asking but if you lose the hen the male will still sit and raise them alone

Can you leave a parakeet alone for 2 days?

if you want your house trashed.

What should you do when a parakeet lays an egg?

I think you should leave it alone

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Do turtles like to live alone or would they prefer company?

My experience has been that they prefer to live alone, just like most reptiles, although sometimes they don't mind having company. When I was growing up we had two male red-eared sliders, and we had to keep them in separate tanks because they would attack and bite each other. Now I have one, a female, and she seems perfectly happy living alone.

Are often do you need to play with a parakeet?

if your parakeet is alone without another bird, then the owner should spend time with it for about 1hour 30minutes. if you want your parakeet to bond to you, play with he/she more often then others. (letting it stand on you while watch TV or eating with it is good quality time for a parakeet) let the parakeet spend time out of its cage and explore (but watch it so it will be safe!)

What do you do if your parakeet laid her eggs in her nesting box but she didn't put any bedding in it?

Leave your parakeet alone . . . she knows what she's doing. Parakeets do not place bedding into their nesting boxes, so your pet is fine.

Why does my parakeet sit like a statue for hours?

If it is alone then it stays frozen, if you have another bird it will move around a lot

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Yeah thats good alone better then evil company

Does a parakeet live alone?

No, parakeets and never live alone they always have to have a pair or a friend. If they get lonely tuen good for any kind of bird.Always have a little friend with them its like a human. U live alone. U go nuts.

Can a female swan look after her eggs alone?


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What do you do if your parakeet laid two eggs on bottom of cage?

It your parakeet lays two eggs on the botton of the cage, you might as well just leave them alone. By know you should have a nest in the cage. it is a big box in the cage with a whole in it. we got one a couple days ago cause my bird laid 4 eggs!!!! i know it is crazy. Well, good luck with your parakeet!!! Essa

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