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How long does it take a ship to travel from England to New York?


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You can fly across the Atlantic in six hours but crossing it by sea takes six days. This is a chance to contemplate the vastness of the ocean as Queen Mary 2 steams along what's called a Great Circle track, sailing east-northeast from south of Cape Race, Newfoundland to the Bishop Rock lighthouse at Land's End, the entrance to the English Channel.


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It takes approximately two weeks to travel from England to America by ship.

That depends on what is powering the ship, and how fast the ship can travel under that power.

how long it take cargo ship to travel from jamaica to new york

It takes a cargo ship approximately 8 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes to travel from Shanghai, China to Felixstowe, England. The trip covers 5,659 miles.

Hopefully it's obvious that you cannot actually get from England to New York by car because the Atlantic Ocean is in the way. You could put the car on a ship, and ship it to New York, but that's kind of a different thing.

well... there was no New York in the days of Columbus. so i guess it'd take a long time.

it has different lenghths because it depents on what boat or ship you are traveling in.

It depends what sort of plane or ship you go on and where in England you are going but on most flights about 7 hours

how long does it take a cargo ship to travel from cyprus to nigeria

The way to travel overseas was by ship for people in those days, and Titanic also carried the mail. She started at Southampton, England and was going to New York City, New York.

Before Aeroplanes they travelled by ship.

The Vikings probably took several weeks to travel from Norway to England. This was not a small undertaking because they would have been navigating by stars and sun when out of sight of land.

At what speed is your ship travelling?

On Cunard's Queen Mary 2, about 7 days. On a cruise ship, about 10 days

It takes a cargo ship traveling from Oxford, England to Halifax, Canada approximately 4 days, 2 hours to make the journey. The trip covers 2,831 miles.

Depends on how fast the ship is traveling.

It depends on the speed of the ship.

how long does it take a caego ship to travel from Germany to Los Angeles, CA., United States

The answer will depend on the speed at which the ship is travelling!

It takes a ship 6 days, 22 hours, 50 minutes to travel from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to New York City, New York. The same trip takes just under 9 hours by plane.

how long does it take to travel from south africa to singapore

To travel from India to England by ship takes about 22 days if traveling around the continent of Africa. It the Suez Canal is taken, that can take about 10 to 12 days off the trip.

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