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depends on how fast it's traveling and if it's going non-stop or intermitten stops in between.


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it depends on the snail and its experience. if it is a racing snail, he'll be faster than an ordinary snail.

18 seconds to travel a mile at 200 mph.

3 hoursIf you had the time to watch you would already know.

It depends on the speed at which you travel.

it would take 1 hour to travel a mile going at 60 mph

If you travel at 1mph, that means one mile in every hour. So the answer is 1 hour.

The fastest species, the common garden snail, would take about 94.7 years to travel around the earth. Snails do not live to be that long, however, and would never complete such a perilous and mind-bending journey.

At 60mph you would travel 60 miles in one hour. To travel one mile (1/60 the distance) it would take 1/60 the time.There are 60 minutes to an hour, so at 60mph it will take you 1 minute to travel one mile.

10 years, if you're riding a snail. (How about telling us the speed?)

for an adult, it's approximately 804672 seconds.

The time required for a space vehicle to travel 1 mile is precisely(3,600 seconds)/(speed of the ship, in mph) .

How long does it take a car to travel 1 mile if its average speed is 40 mph? In: [Edit categories]

That cannot be calculated without knowing the average speed over that distance.

About 0.00387 times as long as it took to go 3,100 miles. You didn't tell us how long that was.

That depends on the speed at which one is traveling.

It would depend on how fast you were travelling. For a set speed, one mile on the moon would take the same time as one mile on Earth.

It depends on your speed of travel, which in turn rests somewhaton your chosen means of conveyance.

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