How long does it take an ex-boyfriend to get back together with you when you have been best friends since grade school?

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2006-08-29 18:59:21

You are getting things confused. You were friends first then it

turned into love and you became a couple. Although friendship and

love are very closely connected things do change when the

relationship turns serious. There is more stress on the

relationship when going together. Some people decide to keep things

the way they are and remain friends because they fear if they

should become a steady couple it will change all the fun and

relaxing good times they have together as friends. Ex means just

that. They are no longer connected to you or you to them. You

opened a door from just friendship into a romantic relationship and

for whatever reason you have split-up. It too difficult for a

couple who were friends once, then lovers to go back to being

friends. I am sorry to say, but it's time you either moved on or

contacted you ex to see if you can repair your relationship.

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