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How long does it take for a glofish to have there babys and how do you know?


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July 08, 2014 6:02PM


Glofish breed like all other danios, the female will get fatter and when it lays eggs the male will spray sperm on to them to fertilize them. The eggs will hatch in a couple of days, but be sure to collect the eggs quickly because the parents will eat their own eggs and their young.

The best way to breed Danios is to place a lot of glass marbles in the bottom of the breeding tank. Which should be no more than 18"x10"x10" and only have about 3 inches of water. You need enough marbles to completely cover the bottom of the tank The breeders should be added to the tank in the afternoon/evening when they are in good breeding condition. They should spawn the following morning. If you missed seeing them do this then have a good close look at the female and see if she is considerably slimmer. If she is slimmer remove the breeders. At spawning the eggs (ova) will have slid down between the marbles where the adult fish can not get at them so they will be safe until they develop and swim out. In a couple of days you will observe what appear to be tiny slivers of glass on the sides of the aquarium. Keep looking. They are hard to spot at first but once you see one you will then see lots.