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Toronto, ON (YTO) to Raleigh/Durham, NC (RDU) Shortest Flight Duration 1 hour 43 mins


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it takes 8 hours to travel from Italy to Canada by plane.

The most direct way ti travel from Spokane, Washington to London, Ontario Canada is to fly by plane. Direct flights are available and will take about 8 and a half hours to complete.

Most people do not take a plane from Toronto to Sudbury. It's a 4 hour drive, which is considered relatively short and not worthy of taking a plane to, in Ontario (both these cities are in the province of Ontario).

It depends how old you have and how you are going to travel to Canada. Like,If you have more than 12 and travel by plane and have a passport you can travek without your parents.

To travel by car, it would take 19 hours. To travel by plane, it would take 3 hours.

It certainly depend on where in Canada you fly. St. Johns Newfoundland 5 hours.

Yes you do need a passport to travel between Canada and the US. Not only by plane but also by land and by sea you'd need a passport.

You travel East from almost anywhere in Alaska to get to Canada. The Exception being if you were in, say, Juneau (The Capitol) (or anywhere else in that dogleg of Alaska) You could then travel, only by Plane, EITHER North, South or East, depending on where in Canada you wish to go.

It will not take that long. Maybe a few hours.

depends where you are going! it could be from an hour to about 9hours!

Vancouver, WA is approx 3,482 miles from Canada. It would be best beneficial to travel by plane if you are interested in visiting Canada from Vancouver, WA.

Yes, we did it in December 2008 with no problems, as you don't travel through Immigration.

It would take about 12 hours to go from wales to Canada

You can get a plane that will take you from Washington DC to Niagara Falls Ontario. It might not be a direct flight, you might have to change planes, but, there are flights that leave from Arlington, Virginia to Niagara Falls.

Safeway Travel in Canada can be found online which offers great deals on flights, travels, vacation packages in and around the Americas, Carribean, Europe, South Pacific, etc. They also offer cruises. A safeway to travel in Canada is by train or by plane because one just have to relax and enjoy the trip.

The Seattle Mariners travel on their own plane

It is 3884 miles by plane from RDU (Raleigh/Durham) airport to LGW (London Gatwick)

In Canada people get here by: a) plane b) boat/ship c) Driving ( from the USA. or Mexico)

11-14 Hours to Vancouver, 14-16 Hours to Toronto

No. You should be fine to travel on a plane with osteoarthritis.

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