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Even if it's a few dollars you can affor on every bill (try to pay the minimum payment) do it or they will keep coming after you for as long as it takes. If you don't make some effort to contact the Credit Card Co., and try to work out your payments you could well end up in court. When you have a Credit Card you are borrowing money and if you are a responsible individual then you'd try your hardest to pay your debt off and then cut-up your credit card(s). I learned a long time ago that if you can't afford to pay cash for something then you shouldn't get it! * In the US the debtor will continue to receive billing statements until the account is charged off. The account then will be considered in collections and the debtor will be faced with collection procedures either from a contracted collector of the original creditor or an third party collector who purchased the account. All penalties and interest fees will continue to accrue as long as the account remains unpaid in full or settled by agreement. The original creditor or a third party purchaser have the option of filing a civil suit or in some cases filing with the National Arbitration board to collect the debt.

2006-08-10 09:31:51
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Yes they can, it just happened to me now i owe this money and i disagree with the charges but they say theirs nothing they can do about it because they are just a debit collection agency. That's Absurd that companies can actually sell debit to another company and you all of a sudden have to answer to their regulations and interest rates without being told prior to it. They also wont tell you about the charges they just try to get you to pay it.