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about 28 days for mallards

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Q: How long does it take for ducklings to hatch?
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How long does it take musovey ducklings to hatch?

35 days

How long before a duckling can take to water?

It takes Ducklings 28 days to devolp then they will hatch. :)

Will a duck take back ducklings if humans hatch them?

no they will not.

How long after ducklings hatch do they leave the nest?


What happens after the ducklings hatch?

They become ducklings, and will later become ducks.

Can mallard ducklings see at birth?

Ducklings are not born, they are hatched. Yes, they can see after they hatch.

Why do ducks hatch yellow?

Not all ducklings hatch yellow. Ducklings that hatch yellow will be white when they are older, except for mallards(wild ducks) their yellow turns to a tan/light brown color.

Are there duck eggs that will not hatch into ducklings?

Yes if it is not fertilized

Do mother ducks eat the eggshells after ducklings hatch?

My ducks do not.

How does the mother act when the ducklings are about hatch?

she acts very extatic

Does a duck leave the nest after the eggs hatch?

Not usually. If their eggs do hatch they will most likely stay behind to raise their ducklings.

Will koi eat baby ducklings. We have a mallard duck nesting next to our koi pond. When the ducklings hatch will the koi eat them if they swim in the pond?

yes they will

What month do ducklings hatch?

Um 21 days there is no particular month ahaha

How long does it take Blood Parrot eggs to hatch?

How long dose it take Blood parrot fish eggs to hatch

How are young ducks born?

Ducklings hatch from eggs, just like all birds.

When can ducklings swim?

If they are with a mother, pretty soon after they hatch, but if they are not, once thy get all of their feathers.

How long does it take for baby sun turtles to hatch?

baby turtles take at least 4-6 months to hatch to me.

How long does it take for chicks and ducklings to dry?

Its takes up to 3-6 days

How long does it take a bad egg to hatch Pokemon?

it will never hatch

Is duck born alive?

ducks are birds and birds lay eggs the ducklings hatch out of the eggs.

How long do wild turkey eggs take to hatch?

Normally, they take 28-30 days to hatch.

How do you know when baby ducklings are about to hatch?

You can see them pipping the outer shell and even before that when they are pipping the inner membrane (if your incubator is in a quiet room) you can hear the ducklings cheeping inside their eggs

Do duck lay on there eggs for them to hatch?

I don't think sitting on the eggs makes them hatch, but the down in their feathers keps the eggs warm and therefore the ducklings alive!

How long does it take for the Silver Dragon to hatch?

It takes 47 hours to hatch.

How long does it take for a otter to hatch?

Otters are born live; they do not hatch from eggs.