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It takes around 2-3 weeks usually.

However, it may take 3 to 6 months in most males. (Shaved mine on 3/7/2010 and am still pretty bald down there.)

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βˆ™ 2010-04-25 16:20:56
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How long does it take for girls' pubic hair to grow back once it has been shaved?

Ask your mom.

Why is it that male pubic hair doesn't grow back when it is shaved?

It does grow back, however, the rate at which it grows is entirely dependent on the person.

Its been 3 months since you shaved your pubic hair for the 2nd time you are 15 years old and your pubic hair seems to be growing back really really slow ONLY 2cm is that normal?

I assume you shaved it in an attempt to make it grow faster? It doesn't work that way. Shaving hair, anywhere on the body does not make it grow in faster or thicker. All you did was set yourself back 3 months. It will grow in as it is supposed to and take the amount of time that it does.

Im 13 and you just shaved your pubic hair how long will it take to grow back and will it be longer?

There is no reason to shave pubic hair back other than vanity or a medical reason. Shaving it will not make it grow back fuller or quicker so you are just wasting your time. It will grow just the same as before in it's own time.

Im a dude you shaved your pubic hair please tell you itll be ok and grow back because it itches like crazy?

lesson learned i see sure it will grow back and stop itching in a few days

If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back thicker and longer?

yeah, I'm not completely sure, but i think that if you haven't shaved them before, then they probably will grow back a little thicker, and darker. but I'm not sure about longer. i think they'll grow back at the same rate as normal.

You have just shaved your pubic region for the first time you are a 14 yo lad how long will it take for them to grow back?

It depends on the person. But it is about three months for an average person.

How long do shaved eyebrows take to grow back?

Shaved hairs grow back really fast...usually 1 day. I hope that helped!

You shaved your pubic haire and it is sooooo itchy How long will it take to grow back It has been a month already and it is still like that?

You feel itchy because your skin is too sensitive, if you keep shaving everyday, you will get used to it somehow and will not itchy anymore. Every person take different time to grow back.

If a twelve year old shaves his pubic hair will it grow back?

Yes, it will grow back it will grow back.

What if pubic hair does not grow back?

then your deformed

Does pubic hair grow back?


If you cut your male pubic hair at 15 will it grow back?

Yes it will grow back.

Is pubic hair supposed to grow up your penis?

To a certain extent, yes. There is no maximum or minimum distance for this. If you find it unsightly it can be shaved.

Does your pubic hair grow back if you shave it?

Yes it does.

Will pubic hair grow back if pulled out?

Yes, it will.

If you shave your pubic hair does it grow back?


If you shave your pubic hairs will they grow back?

yes they will.

Does your pubic hair grow back when you shave it?

Yes pubic hair will always grow back unless you have it perminantly lasered so hair removal cream, waxing shaving doesnt make a differenc, it will grow back

What do you do if you shaved your eyebrows?

wait till they grow back... drew them back on .... get fake ones...

Will pubic hair grow back after you have pulled it?

Yes, it will grow back just like the hair on your head.

You accidentally shaved half your eyebrow off what do you do?

Wait for it to grow back.

Does it get itchy when pubes grow?

Pubic hair when first grown and after being shaved will be itchy. There is nothing much you can do to stop that. Try not to scratch though.

Will pubic hair grow back if it is cut?

yes yes it will

How long will it take for my pubic hair grow back if i cut it with scissors?

It will grow back at about .05mm per day.