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The asteroid belt orbits the Sun. Phobos and Deimos the moons of Mars orbit Mars.


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The asteroid belt is beyond the orbit of Mars.

It is not inside of the Asteroid Belt in the sense of being part of it. In terms of the order of orbits from the Sun, Mars is inside the orbit of the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter's orbit is outside the orbit of the Asteroid Belt.

The Asteroid Belt is located in between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.

The Asteroid Belt is between the orbit on Mars and Jupiter.

Yes, the asteroid belt starts properly after the orbit of Mars.

yes they do,they orbit in a belt(the asteroid belt)between the planets Mars and Jupiter

The asteroid belt is located between the orbi of Jupiter and Mars

Because of the Gravitational pull of Mars and Jupiter the Asteroid belt says in the same orbit. It is closer to Mars, but Jupiter has a stronger Gravitational pull, so it stays where it is.

Mars is not in the asteroid belt. The Asteroid Belt is between Mars and Jupiter.

No there isn't any asteroid's orbiting Mars because its not actually by the asteroid belt the asteroid belt is by Jupiter and Saturn not actually by Mars

The Main asteroid belt is an area where most of the asteroids orbit the Sun.

The "Asteroid Belt" is the region of the solar system located roughly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Therefore . . . -- The length of the orbit of any asteroid within the belt is longer than the length of Mars' orbit, and shorter than the length of Jupiter's orbit. -- Similarly, the period of revolution for any asteroid that's well-behaved enough to stay within the belt is longer than the period of Mars' revolution, and shorter than Jupiter's.

A lot of space, the orbit of Mars, the asteroid belt, the orbit of Jupiter.

No. The asteroid belt orbits the Sun just like planets do, and is located beyond the orbit of planet Mars.

Yes. There is an asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter.

Between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter (the asteroid belt).

No. An asteroid is a relatively large chunk of rock and/or metal in orbit around the sun. The asteroid belt is a region in the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter where the majority of the asteroids orbit.

Most asteroids orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter in the Asteroid Belt.

An asteroid belt is were large and small rocks orbit the sun.This belt is located in between Mars and Jupiter.

Mars is on the inside of the asteroid belt.

There are no planets in the asteroid belt. One of the new IAU definitions of "planet" is that a planet will have cleared its orbit of other objects. There are four planets that orbit closer to the Sun than the asteroid belt; these are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

The asteroid belt is in between the orbit or Mars and Jupiter. The Oort cloud is beyond the orbit of Neptune.

The asteroid belt separating Mars and Jupiter is called the Main Asteroid Belt.

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