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It depends. Is your mom an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius? She'll probably get over it soon. If she's a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you might have to wait until Christ comes for the second time for your mom to stop yelling. Is she a Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius? Because if she is, she'll probably forget that you failed your test. Or she'll help you study for your next test. But if she's a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces...I'm sorry. Christ will come for the third time before she gets over it. But, unless the two of you drank from the Fountain of Youth, you won't live that long.

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How long does it take for your mom to stop yelling at you because you failed a test Hopefully before Christ comes a third time....?

Well probally a 5th time maybe...... But really for me still going on.. ouch...... that hurt mom don't hurt me...... ok a while...

Do any wives spank their husbands when they behave badly?

No because they love them or if doesn't love him she will spank him and if you ever hear yelling and crying and yelling call the police before they kill them selfs

Why does BC runs backward from the perceived birth of Christ?

BC is short for "Before Christ". Therefore the older something is the higher the number of year because it is a longer time before Christ.

Did the Romans conquer the Celt's before Christ?

No because the Romans came in an AD date which means after Christ.

Is 1180 bc before or after 1200 bc?

after because bc means before christ

What is meant by Before and After Christ?

Before Christ means Before Jesus Was Born And After Christ Means After Jesus Was Born

Did Pax Romana occur before the birth of Christ or after the birth of Christ or both before and after?

Before the birth of Christ

Why should you use your turn signals well advance of a turn?

because if the other car that is stopped at a stop sign and you are going to turn on that street, the car stopped will know he can go. --------- To signal is to indicate or warn. Signaling is to let the drivers around you know what you are going to do BEFORE you do it. To signal after you have already starting changing your direction is useless because other drivers will already know what you are doing... hopefully before you hit them. It is similar to yelling "fore" while playing golf. Yelling "fore" after your ball strikes another player doesn't help them at all. -PQ

Why is Monica called Manikka?

Because before Christ Monica was referred to as "Manikka"...

How did people know about baptism before Christ?

Because the Old Testament existed, and many prophets and leaders came before Christ. Christianity is just an evolved form of Judaism.

In what year was the washing machine made?

Before christ Before christ

Is B.C before Christ?

Yes BC means "Before Christ"

What century is before Christ?

before christ is 2000 years prior

Did cavemen have religion?

No. Because that was B.C. times, witch means Before Christ!;Before GOD was even thought of.

What was the time where Jesus was alive?

jesus was alive before year 1 because b.c. means before christ.

30 ADis how many year before Christ?

AD = Anno Domini which means after christ BC = Before Christ which means literally before christ Therefore 30 AD isn't even before Christ, it's 30 years after.

What does BC in history mean?

It means Before Christ. (Christ was born in the year 0). BC stands for Before Christ. So 1000BC is 1000 years Before Christ was born

What year did Jesus dorn?

the year 0 because before that its called BC which means before christ. so if someone says something happened in 19 BC it means it happened 19 years before christ.

Is 1200 before Christ or after Christ?

It depends whether it is BC or AD If it was BC it was 1200 years before Christ If it was AD it was 1200 years after Christ

What does before Christ mean?

Events that happened in the years before Jesus was born - BC (Before Christ)

If BC is before Christ and AD is after Christ then?

Yes BC= Before Christ and AD= Anno Domini (Year of our Lord)

Why did BC turn into AD?

BC means Before Christ (Before Jesus Christ was born) AD means After Death (The death of Jesus Christ)

What was BC called before it was named BC?

Befoe Christ. Before Christ was born.

What does ac before a date mean?

A.C. means after Christ. B.C. is before Christ.

Did ancient Greece came before or after Christ?

A reasonably long time before Christ

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