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When you get your tongue pierced it takes an out to swell and it does not hurt at all!

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Can a head cold cause your pierced tongue to swell?

No.! Wth.!? I have my tongue pierced and I have no issues with it..

Is seafood ok to eat after getting tongue piercings?

No, theres a kind of nutrition in it that causes the newly pierced area to swell up. Best to avoid it.

Will you lisp after getting tongue pierced?

While its healing, your tongue will swell and you will have a lisp. it isn't permanent though. Only while healing when your tongue is swollen. So don't get it if you'll have to go to work or school in the next few days.

Does getting a shot in your mouth hurt?

if getting a shot in your mouth is anything like getting your tongue pierced it probably will only hurt a little at first but im assuming it will swell up and then it hurtss bad for about three days

Is it true you cant drink orange juice if you get your tongue pierced?

absolutly......not. your tongue will swell 11x its size and explode. good luck explaining that one to your mother.

Does your lip come up when you pierced your lip?

Different people's bodies react differently, but yes, your lip can swell after getting it pierced.

Do you have to use a long barbell right after you get your tongue pierced?

The barbell has to be longer to allow the tongue to swell, failure to allow for room can result in the barbell being pulled into the piercing and requiring surgical intervention to remove it from the tongue.

What can be hurt when you get your tongue pierced?

The two blue veins that run along under your tongue could be punctured.Your tongue could swell so badly that it engulfs the jewelry.You run the risk of damaging your gums and teeth.

Is it normal for a freshly pierced tongue ring to sink in the tongue a little bit?

No, the barbell is too short and your tongue is swelling. The barbell should always be longer for new piercings due to swelling, contact your piercer to see about getting a longer barbell. If left the tongue will swell to a point that will cause the barbell ball to be pulled into the tongue, get on some ice to control the swelling and contact your piercer.

How you know your allergic to grass?

When you start getting hives and getting ichy and you start to swell up.

Will getting your navel pierced cause swelling and make me look pregnant?

It will swell but not enough to make you look pregnant.

Do you have to use a long barbell right after you get it pierced?

The barbell has to be longer to allow the tongue to swell, failure to allow for room can result in the barbell being pulled into the piercing and requiring surgical intervention to remove it from the tongue.

What age do you have to be to get your tongue pierced?

You have to be of teenage. A licenced piercing parlour will tell you. Be advised, tongue peircing is a procedure that can cause the tongue to swell and has contributed to at least one death. Follow the link for some serious impartial advice from a international recognized source.

What do you do 2 make your tongue stop hurting after you got it peirced?

This is probably late, but ice it right after you get it pierced. Don't suck on the ice, just let it melt on your tongue. Sucking it will make your tongue swell more. Try not to talk as much cause that makes your tongue swell as well. And try not to eat solid foods. Good luck! I got mine pierced a month ago and I love it now... Sure, it's a pain for the first two weeks but it's all good after like 3 weeks.

Would a tongue swell for no reason?

no why would it swell. get it checked out.

You got your tongue pierced and your tongue swelled up is there anything you can do to get the swelling down fast?

Your tongue will swell anyway and as for getting it to go down quicker there's no real cure, You can use ice water & crushed ice in your mouth. Also one thing my piercer recommended was Ibuprofen that melts in your mouth so you can allow it to actually enter the piercing site. :)

Does your tongue swell really bad when pierced?

Some swell badly and other swell mildly but all tongue piercings swell to some extent, it's the tongues normal reaction to trauma and helps set the healing process in motion. That is why we tell clients to keep popsicles and freezes on hand as much as possible during the first few days post piercing. Just helps the piercing heal a bit better.

When you get your tougne pierced if its sore will it still swell?

Yes, it will most likely swell, whether its sore or not.

Will your belly button swell up after getting it pierced?

Depends. with some people it does, some people it doesnt. Mine did. You will know if its swollen or not.

Is your cartilage supposed to swell?

If it's recently been pierced, then yes. Any piercing is likely to swell.

Can you get your tongue pierced if you are taking warfarin?

You are on Warfarin due to a heart condition requiring your blood to be thinned, considering that for a moment would indicate that a tongue piercing could pose a serious medical threat. Tongues swell due to the piercing and any type of trauma involving swelling could put you at a significant risk for complications. I would recommend that is you are considering a tongue piercing you should first speak to your Doctor. But do not get you tongue pierced until you have spoken to your Doctor.

What happens to bodies after death?

Your eyes start to swell and your eye sockets start to hollow. Soon the face will have very large eyes. After that the tongue starts to swell as well and pushes itself out of the mouth. You have quite an ugly face once you die.

Can a tongue break out in hives?

It depends on the person but it does swell.

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