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How long does it take the US Supreme Court to decide if it wants to hear a case?


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According to Chief Justice John Roberts, speaking to a reporter with Daily Business Review in November 2006, it generally takes six months to dispose of a petition from the time it is filed. Roberts may have been including all the administrative processes involved before a case granted certiorari can be scheduled for argument, though, rather than the time interval between filing the petition and having certiorari granted or denied.

According to the US Supreme Court's own literature, it generally takes six weeks from the time a petition is filed until the Justices decide whether to grant certiorari for a case. Once a petition is filed, the respondent (the party that would be a defendant in a criminal trial) has 30 days to file a response or waive the right to respond.

If certiorari is granted, the petitioner has 45 days to file a brief on the merits of the case, then the respondent has 35 days to address the issues with his or her own brief.

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