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two weeks

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Q: How long does it take the depo shot to work?
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How long until the Depo-Provera shot starts to work?


Does The Depo Shot Take A Month To Work?

If you use the depo shot correctly it will work automatically what I mean by correctly is getting the shot during your cycle I would suggest getting the shot during the first day of your period :)

How long does it take for a cortizone shot to work?

How long does it take for a cortizone shot work

How long does it take for the Depo-Provera to work into the body?

One week

Can you get your Depo Provera shot while on your period?

Yes you can and the shot will work immediately since you are on your cycle

How long does extenze shot 2oz take to work?

after taking a shot of liquid extense, how long does it take for it to take affect?

How does the depo shot work?

depo is injected into the muscle, it tricks the body into thinking you are pregnant this is why your period is stopped. you do not ovulate at all.

If you get the depo shot while your on your cycle but your cycle is abnormal dose it still work?

I would call the doctor to be sure. But as far as what I have heard, it does still work. A lot of people i know get weird cycles BECAUSE of the depo shot

How much does Depo-Provera cost and how often do you have to get it?

I have the Depo shot you only get the shot every three months. As of how much it costs it would range about the same as three months cycle of birth control pills To get all the information you need regarding the depo shot, click on the website below. If it doesn't work, copy and paste it to your browser. Anything and everything about the depo shot is there. Hope it helps you.

How can you cheat the depo shot?

Anti biotics will do it! Drink lots of water and work out so u will sweat that will help it get out ur systom also take prenatal vitamins

How long does it take an immunisation to work?

Anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the shot.

Two periods a month after depo?

each person is different when going on the depo shot. Ive been on the shot for a few years now, and have since then switched to other methods but have always ended back with the depo shot. When i would switch back to the depo i would experience frequent bleeding, spotting, and i was misrable. To stop the bleeding and spotting my doctor would either prescribe me another form of BC like the pill, to take until the bleeding subsided, or tell me to take 500MG of Ibuprofin every 4 hrs until it stopped. This may not work with you but it worked great with me and i havnt had any problems since.

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