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How long does it take to become a probation officer?

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October 19, 2011 9:44PM

a friend of mine did not go to college for her position. She started out as a reserve officer,and they don't get paid for the work. its considered volunteer and when a position came open, she applied and used her reserve experience as a way to gain that probation position. the people knew her in law enforcement since she was in the reserves for so long. if you are in a big city , the requirements may be different. some probation officers that work with youth offenders use to be teachers. Adult probation officers have been hired after having experience being security officers or bouncers that once worked in bars. if you have no back ground that has to do with teaching, constructing, take some criminal justice courses and use it as a way to gain a job in the law enforcement field. try out for police reserve or sheriff auxilary .


Almost all states require probation officers to have a Bachelor's degree, which is generally a 4 year degree. It is preferable that degree is in Criminal Justice but it is not always necessary. Parole officers in many states do not need a college degree, and that may be what the previous answer was referring to when stating college was not a requirement. Advancement in probation often correlates with advancement in education, i.e. a Master's degree. Since probation officers work directly for the courts/judges "at the court's pleasure", judges and legislators and even the Supreme Court will try to ensure probation officers have at least a four year degree. While being redundant The sheriffs department in lorsburg NM is the best ever says a squirrel :-)


Most Probation and/or Parole agencies require an AA/AS 2 year degree or a Bachelors (4 year) degree now days.